Driving up Efficiencies in your Healthcare Supply Chain with Analytics...

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Are you leveraging the power of ANALYTICS and DATA SCIENCE to drive up efficiencies in your HEALTHCARE SUPPLY CHAIN?


Supply Chain Management (SCM) in a healthcare context is rife with inefficiencies and present “low hanging fruit” in terms of opportunities to drive up efficiencies, exponential cost-savings and also positively impact patient outcomes.


However, “having the right drug of the right dosage, with pedigree authenticated (or medical devices & supplies), for the right patient at the right time”, is easier said than done! Inability to capture, blend, and prep data from multiple disconnected healthcare IT (HIT) systems such as ERP and EHRs and deploy automated analytics workflows that enable actionable insights for executives, line of business (LOB) leaders, analysts and data scientists is a daunting and expensive challenge today!


Please check out this webinar (below) to learn how industry leaders in Healthcare are leveraging Analytics and Data Science to improve their strategic sourcing, procurement, inventory management, supplier performance and asset utilization to not only lower waste and inefficiencies, but also improve patient outcomes.


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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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