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Grand Prix 2017

Alteryx Partner

Hi everyone,


Who's in for participating in the Alteryx Grand Prix team this year? Rules are changed, check:



Alteryx Grand Prix 2017


Can one of the UG leaders organize this or this there already an idea to do this?




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @TempleRuler


Thanks for the awesome message. Glad you are helping to spread the word! Yes, the rules have changed. Please note:



  • For Inspire 2017, Americas User Groups can compete in Las Vegas
  • For Inspire Europe 2017, EMEA User Groups can compete in London
  • ROW User Groups can choose to compete in either Inspire 2017 or Inspire Europe 2017
  • Teams must include members who represent the diversity of the User Group
  • At least two different companies must be represented on each User Group team
  • No more than 1 Alteryx Partner can be on a User Group team
  • Alteryx ACEs are not allowed to compete
  • At least one team member must attend Inspire 2017 in Las Vegas

The due date for teams in Las Vegas are due on March 30th, 2017. However, the due date for London has not been set.


We will make sure to notify all User Groups in EMEA when the dates have been set.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Euro Grand Prix.png





We are excited for the upcoming Inspire Europe Grand Prix! We have heard much feedback on the new format, and after a completed US Grand Prix, we have decided to host Inspire 17 Europe Grand Prix in the same format as 2016. We want to ensure that the racers have a great experience at the Grand Prix as well as the audience!


For those that have formed teams in preparation of the proposed new format, we thank you for your efforts and participation and we hope you will continue forward with us on this Grand Prix cycle!


The updated, official rules are as follows:

  • Recruitment process driven through the User Groups and the Community;
  • No current ACEs allowed to race
  • Qualification races will take place end of July via WebEx, with winners officially announced by mid-August.
    • Finalists must confirm Inspire registration before August 9th (their basic Inspire registration fee will be complimentary)
  • 3 final contestants on stage racing live through a series of workflows
    • Max 1 person per partner company (if you have multiple compete in the prelims, the top 1 will advance)

Interested but want to practice? Download the ppt deck to gain access to 2016 Grand Prix challenges.


Eventbrite - Europe Grand Prix Registration