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Ideas Evaluation Criteria


We know you love Alteryx and want to make it better, that’s why we place such a high importance on the customer feedback we get. If you have ideas on how our product can improve your daily workflow, the community is where you can be heard and innovate among your peers. This is where we can capture your inventive ideas and feedback about our products, so we can continue to implement new features you will be excited about.


In order to make this process as productive and transparent as possible, we want to share the general criteria by which we will be evaluating submitted ideas to help guide your submissions.


We will be evaluating your ideas based on the following criteria and giving feedback accordingly. You can expect to receive feedback on your submission from our Product Management team in the form of status changes and follow up comments.


Submission Criteria


1.    Reach of Impact

How many customers would benefit?

How often would they use the suggested feature?

2.    Roadmap Fit

Does this fit strategically within our current product/service offerings?

3.    Community feedback

Is this idea getting noticed (via recent votes/comments/stars)?

Does the idea have at least 5 votes?

4.    Feasibility

How long will it take to implement the idea?


We encourage you to submit your ideas to us to help us continually innovate and make the Alteryx better for all of our customers.   Be sure to search the community for existing ideas that may be similar to yours and review our Ideas Submission Guidelines prior to submitting your own. If indeed you do find similar ideas, we encourage you to comment or vote on those rather than submitting a new one.



Your ideas are important to us and we take every one seriously.  Before you get started, make sure you review the Ideas Submission Guidelines.

Tara McCoy