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How to promote Alteryx in industry as many still prefer traditional way hitting SQL Query

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I do not understand why Industry still prefer traditional way of hitting SQL queries while we have wonderful wonderful application Alteryx.


I want to promote Alteryx across Industry.


Can someone share 15 bullet points (benefits of using Alteryx) 


I would like use them and post on social handles


Hi @rajakp123 ,


I am very glad that your are actively promoting Alteryx!

As a starting point - I like the benefits, which are listed on the Alteryx website:


Is this the solution you were looking for?


Best regards


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That page had limited points and doesn't talk in a way which a layman can

I am looking for 10 bullet points which proves why alteryx adoption is


Hi Prasad,

who is your audience? SQL users?


Benefits for SQL Users:

  • Efficiency in Debugging, Testing and Prototyping
  • Seamless Transformations
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility

More details on those points:



General Benefits:

  • Repeatable Workflows
    • Automate time-consuming, manual data tasks into real-time, repeatable analytic workflows. A few clicks to freedom.
  • Code-Free + Code-Friendly

    • Intuitive drag and drop interface for both code-free analytic modeling as well as code-friendly advanced modeling

  • Analytics Deployed
    • While there are many modeling tools on the market – we do both kick-ass modeling and model deployment. Put your analytic models to work
  • Flexible & Diverse
    • Start with what you need and expand over time with our open platform.We support nearly every data source and visualization that your business needs.
  • Wicked Return on Investment
    • Alteryx’s hallmark is ease-of-use and this translates into unmatched time-to-decision for the line of business teams - minutes not weeks.
  • Scale + Governance
    • Scaling analytics for the enterprise translates into performance, security, collaboration and governance. Our end-to-end platform delivers on all fronts.