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SparkED: FAQ for Career Changers


Q: What are Career Changers?  

A: Individual learners who are seeking an online program to enable a career change and want to add data analytics skills for a competitive edge in the job market. SparkED provides career changers with a free learning pathway and a 90-day Alteryx Designer education license. Certification preparation and exams are also available.  


Q: How will the SparkED program help me succeed? 

A: After completing the learning pathway, and ideally achieving one or more certifications, you will have a more robust skillset and resume/CV. With a global shortage of professionals who can leverage data analytics, these skills are in high demand. And you will be a lifetime member of our passionate and supportive Alteryx Community, where you can access and offer problem solutions, ideas, and even career networking. 


Q: What would I receive as a participant of SparkED? 

A: Once you register, you’ll receive at no charge: 

  • Access to a 90-day Alteryx Designer education license (renewable based on eligibility) 
  • Access to data analytics learning content  
  • Access to thousands of data science and analytics experts, user groups, and more within the Alteryx Community 

Q: How does software licensing work in the SparkED program? 

A: As a career changer, you are eligible to receive a free 90-day Alteryx Designer education license. If you pass the Alteryx Core Certification, you can renew your education license for an additional 90 days from the date of certification. If you are looking to maximize your software license access, we recommend that you don’t wait until your 90th day to take the Core Certification, in case you don’t pass the first time (certification can only be attempted every 7 days).  


Q: Who can participate in SparkED?  

A: Individuals of all skill levels, including those who may have no prior experience with data. You simply must be an independent learner, adding skills for your own benefit. If your employer is a current or soon-to-be Alteryx customer, this program is not for you. Please watch for announcements from Alteryx about professional development options. For SparkED, use a personal email address in our request form and we will let you know if you have been verified as eligible. 


Q: What does it cost to participate in SparkED?  

A: Nothing. The only investment here is time. 


Q: May I share this with my friends, family, and peers?  

A: Please do. All those looking for a career change are welcome.  


Q: How long will it take to get Core certified?  

A: Time to certification will vary for each person. Those with some prior experience will typically progress faster. A general rule is to devote a minimum of 5 hours each week to have a high likelihood of passing within the 3-month license period.  


Q: What will I need to participate in the program?  

A: You’ll need a computer with a Windows operating system (or Parallels on a Mac – see more below), an Alteryx Community account, and an Alteryx Designer license key (to be distributed by email after you register).  


Q: How do I register for the Alteryx Community? 

A: Instructions for registering on Community will be provided by email when you receive confirmation of your SparkED registration. If you already have an Alteryx Community account, you need to verify that the name and email address match your SparkED license request. If not, or if your existing account was created with a professional email address, you will need to update the professional email to the email address you used when registering with SparkED. Instructions for updating your email address can be found at this link. 


Q: How do I install Alteryx Designer?  

A: When you register for the SparkED program, your download should begin automatically. Your license key to use it will arrive within 2-3 business days, as well as instructions on how to register an account on the Alteryx Community. If you are still having issues installing Alteryx Designer, the following documents should help you: 

  • This article provides an overview of all things Alteryx licensing. This includes our prerequisites for installing and licensing Alteryx, an overview of different ways to activate, links to helpful guides, and how to best administrate your keys once activated. 
  • The License Activation Overview document provides more detail on the different options for activating Alteryx licenses. 

If you run into any issues during the activation, you can reach out to the Fulfillment team at fulfillment@alteryx.com to assist. 


Q: I have a Mac – how will I install Alteryx Designer?  

A: Although Alteryx Designer runs on Windows, there are 2 ways to install it on a Mac: 

  1. Use Boot Camp
  2. Use a virtual machine product (emulates Windows within macOS) like VMWare, VirtualBox (open source), or  Parallels, among others 

Any of the above solutions require a Windows license. This article goes through the pros and cons of the different approaches, as well as more detailed installation instructions.  


Q: Who should I contact for help with the SparkED program?  

A: If you have specific questions about the program overall, please visit the SparkED Discussion in our community space, where you can post questions and view responses. For questions specific to Designer software, please go to the Designer Discussion Page in the Alteryx Community. 


Q: I didn't complete the Core Certification exam in the first 3 months and my license is now expired. Can it be extended?  

AUnfortunately, we are unable to extend the 3-month license past the original date of expiration. 


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