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You're invited to our Halloween Party!

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You didn’t think we were going to get through the spooky season without celebrating on the Alteryx Community, did you? This year we decided to kick off our Halloween Scavenger Hunt on the big day itself and made the hunt even bigger!


Like last year, the ghosts seem to be hanging out around specific buttons and links around the Alteryx Community having their own Halloween part (links that seem to be pretty important for a holistic community experience for our members, no less). The ghosts seem to be hosting their own Halloween parties and we need the help of the community to find them! There seem to be nine posses of poltergeists throughout the community, and you'll know you've found them when you hover over a link or a button and they pop out to say hello!


Remember when I said this year’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt would be bigger than last year? Some of our candy corn friends wanted to join in on the fun and are hoping to see you! You can find the sweet treats around pieces of content (blog articles, podcasts, resources) on the community. The candy corns love learning and chose their eight favorite content (some new favorites) pieces that they want you to read or listen to!



Wondering how to participate? First, choose if you want to hunt for the ghosts or candy corn or both! Then, keep a list of where the ghosts/candy corn are located. Once you’ve found them all, respond to this thread with their locations! Now, in the spirit of fun, don't forget to add a spoiler to your answer so others can still enjoy the hunt. We'll be sure to shout out all of you that participate and area able to locate our spooky friends before the game of digital ghostbusting ends on November 4.


If you choose to complete ONE of the hunts, you will get a Halloween costume applied to your Alteryx Community avatar designed by our own @KylieF! When you post your list of locations, include which of the following costumes you would like applied to your avatar. We will be updating avatars at the end of each day.


COSTUMES (pictured below L to R)

  • Megaman X

  • Swamp Creature

  • Frankenstein

  • Mummy

  • Witch

  • RX-78-2 Gundam

  • Candy Corn Monarch

  • Bone Collector

  • Bat
  • UFO
  • Plumber




I know there are many of you high achievers out there who are asking “well Jess, what if I want to complete both scavenger hunts?!?” For all community members who complete both hunts, you will get your choice of costume on your avatar AND an exclusive Halloween 2022 badge for your Community profile showing off that you were able to locate all ghosts and candy corns! The badge was designed by our own @mikecusic  and features one of our cute ghosty friends!


Don’t worry if you are struggling to find our spooky friends! I’ll add some hints over the course of the week here to help you all out. Have fun everyone and Happy Halloween!



Time for our first hint! One place the ghosts are partying is where you would go to ask a question about Designer. And the candy corn? Go to the most recent thing you would listen to and you'll spot some! 



It's time for another hint! Some ghosts are partying near a button that makes it possible to stay up to date on new Machine learning & data science content for beginners and experts alike. One group of candy corn are loving the Alteryx Community so much that they are trying to start their own user group.



It's time for the final hint! Another place the ghosts seem to like to hangout is where a lot of students would be, they would like to join their group. Despite not having hands of their own, some of the candy corn are congregating around an area of the Community where members new to Designer and the Alteryx Community can "get your hands dirty".

Jessica Long
Online Community Manager
20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Here's a start ... Bone Collector



Particpate>>Introduce Yourself = Ghost
Particpate>>Designer Discussions>> New Topic = Ghost
Community>>Learn>>SparkED | Education>>Get Started>>Join Group = Ghost
Podcasts>>Subscribe = Ghost
Gallery>>Submit to Gallery = Ghost
Home>>Ask a Question = Ghost
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22 - Nova
22 - Nova

I think the Ghosts broke the community landing page or is it only me 😂



Guess it was only me 😅

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @atcodedog05 


It works for me. Please reload the Community.

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Nope still the same for me checked on 2 different systems 😶


Edit: Guess it was only me 😅


13 - Pulsar

Almost there...Bat





Home>Ask a Question

Participate>Introduce Yourself
Participate>Designer Discussions> New Topic

Participate>Ideas>Community>Suggest an Idea

Community>Learn>SparkED | Education>Get Started>Join Group
Community>Gallery>Submit to Gallery
User Groups>Learn More
Blogs>Data Science>Subscribe



Community >Participate >Discussions >General >You're invited to our Halloween Party!

Community>Learn >Academy>Videos> Alteryx Tips and Tricks: Designing and Organizing Your Workspace

Community>Learn>Podcasts>Alter Everything> 118: Prescribed success plans with Alteryx

Community>Support>Knowledge>Designer>Tool Mastery Index
Community>Learn>Blogs>Engine Works>The Ins and Outs of In-Database, Starting with Snowflake
Community>Learn>Blogs>Engine Works> Auto Insights> What makes a good use case?
Community>Participate>Getting Started>Onboarding> Designer Onboarding 3: Getting Your Hands Dirty
Community>Participate>Getting Started>Community Resources> Alteryx & Excel Guide
Community>Groups & Events> User Groups> User Group Resources>How to Build a New User Group



11 - Bolide













Happy Halloween!!

17 - Castor

Think this is everything..Candy Corn Monarch:




  1. Community>Ask a question
  2. Designer Discussions>New Topic
  3. Getting Started>Introduce Yourself
  4. Community Ideas>Suggest an idea
  5. Gallery>Submit to Gallery
  6. SparkEd Get Started>Join Group
  7. Podcasts>Subscribe
  8. Blogs>Data Science>Subscribe
  9. User Groups>Learn More

Candy Corn🍬:



17 - Castor

Happy Halloween! Thanks for the hunt... I'll take the Plumber costume!


Gallery > Submit to Gallery
Getting Started > Introduce Yourself
SparkED > Join Group
Podcasts > Subscribe
Designer Discussions > New Topic
Alteryx Community > Ask a Question
Ideas > Community > Suggest an Idea
User Groups > Learn More
Data Science Blog > Subscribe

You're invited to our Halloween Party!
Alteryx Tips and Tricks: Designing and Organizing Your Workspace
Tool Mastery Index
The Ins and Outs of In-Database, Starting with Snowflake
118: Prescribed success plans with Alteryx
How to Build a New User Group
Auto Insights: What Makes a Good Use Case?
Designer Onboarding 3: Getting Your Hands Dirty
Alteryx & Excel Guide

 Not a bad start for now - will be back to update!


Edit: I believe that's a wrap! Had to do a hell of a lot of digging and even got timed out of the Alteryx community site twice! 😅

10 - Fireball

Love the avatars!! I am going to try for candy corn tomorrow! Happy Halloween!


I would like the Gundam :)


Home > Ask a Question
Participate > Introduce Yourself
Participate > Designer Discussions > New Topic
Participate > Ideas > Community > Suggest an Idea
Community > Learn > SparkED > Get Started > Join Group
Community > Gallery > Submit to Gallery
Podcasts > Subscribe
User Groups > Learn More
Blogs > Data Science > Subscribe