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You know you're an Alteryx fanatic when...

7 - Meteor wake up on Monday morning and your first thought is "Yay! My to do list has so many Alteryx tasks on it this week!" rather than "Coffee!" plan your vacation so you only have a Mac laptop and iffy internet to avoid the temptation of tinkering with workflows. get your Library of Congress library card and you can't stop thinking about how awesome it would be to run the Library of Congress's 168,000,000 item catalog and item retrieval history through Alteryx to see what people use.


(All things I've done in the last two weeks.)

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

... when you subscribe to every board on the Alteryx community, and then write code in Outlook to remove duplicate replies on the same thread so that you can keep on top of new stuff;

... when you set up your own MongoDB server on your hope PC just to try out the mongo connectors

... when you use the directory tool to see which of your alteryx flows are being used most often

... when you start your daily Alteryx processes before you turn on the kettle for coffee


...when your phone case prominently displays the Alteryx Create Points tool symbol

...when you set quarterly reminders to check for a new CREW Macro Pack release

...when your colleagues are tired of hearing "Oh, Alteryx can do that"

Stephen Ruhl
Principal Customer Support Engineer

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

... your significant other places a "no more talk about Alteryx" mandate in the house

... your coworkers start sending you their personal tasks to see if Alteryx can help

... you seriously contemplate how to run your entire life off of Alteryx



Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks
12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

-- When you go for shopping and find out multiple items are out of stock in the mall, you end up thinking, why don't they use Alteryx for better inventory management.

-- When your daughter is doing her maths exercises and you suddenly start explaining the kid on how amazing the Alteryx tool is! Lol - Poor Kid :)

-- When you wake up and think - "How can I solve Alteryx Weekly Challenge No..........?"

Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead
17 - Castor
17 - Castor're reading about Jack The Ripper (what? don't look at me like that) and before you know it you've built a workflow that scrapes all press reports, photos, witness statements, police reports and inquest transcripts, links to all relevant people and presents it as a relational database in Qlik Sense. And it's Saturday night.



7 - Meteor

... when your main requirement for a new job is whether the team uses Alteryx or not... 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @Wasim


You say this partly in jest - but I've been talking a lot with folks like @JoeM and @LeahK about the tremendous power of EXACTLY this sentiment in driving Alteryx forward. 

In many respects - the deeper our skill gets, the more we will become advocates and evangelists for Alteryx as a way of naturally protecting our investment in learning.


The team is actively looking at ways to accelerate this - @LDuane announced the Alteryx Academy at Inspire, and the broader community team within Alteryx is working very hard to find new ways to create exactly the kind of stickiness you're referring to.


Very very astute observation @Wasim - and if you have any ideas on how to make the user base even more sticky and even more into passionate and Alteryx-loyal advocates - I've always found the community team to be very excited about ideas and ways to make this happen!


Have a good week




11 - Bolide

...when your college friend finds out his company is evaluating Alteryx, sends you a text asking if you're still an Alteryx fanatic, and you reply with a selfie showing the Alteryx t-shirt that you just so happened to be wearing that day.

...when every word hear ending in "-ix" make you think someone said Alteryx

...when you're drinking out of your Alteryx mug while writing on an Alteryx notepad using an Alteryx pen that you pulled out of your Alteryx backpack.

7 - Meteor

@SeanAdams Thanks for your note - Was being deadly serious :)


Started a new role recently leading an Analytics team within Digital and one of the main requirements for joining was the purchase of Alteryx and Tableau to migrate from the "stone age" to advanced analytics.  We started with one Alteryx license key, proved the return-on-investment within a matter of weeks and now we have Alteryx and Tableau scaled across our team. Thankfully as an Alteryx user for almost three years, I know the power and value of the tool - the key is sharing passion and engagement across the wider business.  


Myself and @Samanthaj_hughes are starting an Alteryx Key User Group in Northampton and hoping to have our first meet-up at the end of September.  A big thanks to @LaurenU for helping us with this. 


I would strongly encourage coming to Inspire Europe 2017.  To give myself a shameless plug, I am presenting on this very point you raise... - Catch me on Tuesday from 11:45. 


All the best and look forward to hopefully meeting you in September,