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When we use alteryx and when use vba in automation?

8 - Asteroid

Hi guys,


I'm a bit curious in alteryx and vba , we all know that two can use in automation.

But when we use alteryx in automation? and when we use the vba in automation?


For ex. if there is a formula in excel and need to automate. What should I use? Because both can automate. Something like that.


Thank you.

FYI, I'm quite new using alteryx. Need help to understand when we use alteryx in automation. Thank you!

11 - Bolide

For me personally, Alteryx is the choice hands down when working with multiple, disparate data sources (databases + flat files + lookups + files broken out by time period + etc.).


I typically only ever use VBA if I'm working on a single Excel file or perhaps multiple Excel files, but they are all still Excel files. My most common use case for VBA these days seems to be formatting Excel files (typically after they've been produced using Alteryx).

12 - Quasar

In my company we have actively used Alteryx to replace Excel VBA macros.


There are many advantages Alteryx has over VBA.


VBA can become extremely complex and difficult to maintain. Alteryx being more visual is a lot easier to understand and support.


We have taken VBA code of 500 or more lines and converted it into a workflow containing less that ten Alteryx Tools.


If you then add in either an automation license or use Alteryx Server you can schedule the runs of the workflows.


Good luck with your Alteryx journey.