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What's the hardest thing about Alteryx designer .

5 - Atom

I'm currently learning this program for one of my classes and it seems very interesting and challenging. It seems that if you aren't careful mistakes could easily happen. Any advice for a new user would be much appreciated.


Alteryx is brilliant at being a great self service platform. I would begin with the free interactive lessons on community. This bite sized videos will introduce you to some of the most popular used tools. In addition, when selecting a tool in Alteryx Designer, click on the Open Example. This will show you how the tool is being used with sample data. There are little green anchors before and after most tools. By clicking on them, you can see how the data is transformed as the tool is applied. Once you feel more comfortable with the lessons and tools, then you can try some weekly challenges! 

9 - Comet

Take advantage of the "anchors" on the tools.  One of the most beneficial things about Alteryx is you can view the data along the way in your process.  When you get unexpected results, this is a great way to help troubleshoot and identify which step may have caused a problem.  If the anchor's 1 MB preview is not enough, add a Browse tool to explore more.


This is not Alteryx, specific, but always check behaviors after you blend data whether that is in a join, union, etc.  For example, are the row counts what you expected, is my data stacking as expected, etc.


Good luck!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @miguelrodriguez ,


to design a workflow can be quite easy on alteryx, making it on the other hand resilient, well documented and understandable is the hard part. You need to document your workflows in a way within the canvas so that if you would open after a year you would be able to understand it completely and easily without the need to analyze each tool individually. 

If you manage to do this you would have achieved then a big step in your carrer.