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What makes you stick around?

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Alright community, this is the penultimate post in our discussion surrounding competition in the Alteryx Community and the subjects that arose out of that initial conversation. This weeks topic is related to what made the community "stick" for you as a member, because the more of us that end up sticking here and sticking together, the more robust of an environment we can build.


Lots of people join the community for content and learning in Academy, but there are so many other reasons that people stay.  What are the biggest things that made you want to stay active after you achieved your Core Certification and could we make those even better as a community team? Why do you keep coming back - is it the people, the continued learning, the nacho bar (gosh I wish there was a nacho bar), or something else entirely?


Again, this topic isn't directly related to the thread that started everything, but I think it's important nonetheless. Last week, I tagged in some of our "newer" members.  This week, I want to bring in some of our veterans to discuss their thoughts on the matter, and see if those motivations are still there, if they've evolved, and in what capacity. So with that in mind, I'd love to hear from all of you, but I'll be tagging in @jamielaird@BenMoss@JosephSerpis, @joshuaburkhow, and @MarqueeCrew on their experience.

Will Machin
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20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@WillM ,


Why start active? Because Alteryx keeps moving. Whether you're a NooB like @Leeia_I or an old timer like @chris_love  there are posts that enlighten, excite or entertain. For me a defining moment was at Inspire in Las Vegas. I was heading to dinner with @AdamR  and we were talking about community and I tried to prove to him that I was unknown in real life. I asked one if his UK friends if he knew who I was and her proved Adam right again. I had helped him with a challenge that helped to earn him a trip to Inspire. 

I give little bits of time and I make friends, learn tricks, and receive warm and fuzzy thank you messages in return. Every once in a while I pay it forward when driving through Starbucks; hoping that they may do the same.  I know however that many members once helped have helped others in community.  What's even greater is knowing that one answer helps many future members.  

I'm well beyond gamification. Badges aren't keeping me active. People in community are my driving force.  

happy New Years!





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ACE Emeritus

I agree with much of @MarqueeCrew says but he is completely out of his mind if he thinks he's going to an inspire/analyticon conference and no one recognizes him 😉 You simply don't miss a guy who wears bright Alteryx cowboy boots! 


The Alteryx community is a powerful place to be for me. I spend time every morning either reading yesterdays post, answering posts, reading blogs, weekly challenges, studying for a cert, or just grazing like a hungry cow. I like many others come to it multiple times throughout the day when I need an answer or want to reply to someone's post. 


For me the community offers me the things that are important to me. I use Alteryx everyday and am constantly learning  new things. I like to help others on their journey, and I like to connect to others who are as passionate about Alteryx as I am 😉  

Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks