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What does data analytics look like in your day-to day?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, we think about the experiences and people we are grateful for. With this discussion series in collaboration with SparkED, we hope our amazing community can give back to the future generation of data professionals with advice and insight.


The Alteryx Community provides the space for working professionals and students alike to come together to solve problems, grow their skills in the field of analytics, and learn new ways to use Alteryx. Now that the North America Fall semester is well underway, the SparkED team wants to connect proud alumni and learners across the globe and provide space to share what the road to an analytics career looks like to you. 


Read Alteryx Cofounder, Libby Duane’s blog to learn more about the SparkED program and use this place to show pride for your alma mater by providing insight and guidance to the next generation of data workers.  The university or academic institution with the most representation in the four threads that are a part of this series will be eligible for SparkED swag and an opportunity to participate in a virtual career exploration event with an Alteryx executive, so make sure you include your alma mater in your reply to this thread! *Bonus points for photos of you showing your school pride. 


This week let us know in a reply to this thread, what does data analytics look like in your day-to-day job? 


If you would like to reply to our question from last week about educational pathways to a career in data analytics, click here

Jessica Long
Online Community Manager
20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@JessL ,


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to you!


In my day I touch data often.  I'm relentless in my pursuit of code-free ways to make magic happen (4).gif


I try to use the magic of Alteryx to make things happen.  I've learned so much by using and helping other's to use Alteryx that analytics in my day looks like I'm with friends in the Magic Kingdom.  I know the rides so well and like to experiment and find new paths to insights.  It isn't all about the end as much as it is the journey (means to the end) that matters.


I enjoy the challenge as much as the accomplishment.  Advice that you can use is to explore your data more thoroughly and look for the nuggets that exist.  The can be needles (a bad thing) or gold.  Don't simply follow instructions but be an analytics adventurer.





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