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Weekly Challenge Improvement Ideas Wanted!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We are investigating on making some updates to the Weekly Challenge area on Alteryx Academy! What do you think some key improvements or enhancements you would like to see in the future? We wanted to hear from you!


Reply to this thread to share your ideas.

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

@kelly_gilbert @patrick_digan versioning and threading. 

I'd like to suggest a hidden results comparison (like advent of code) and possibly a performance review by Alteryx where members requesting it will have their workflows tested by Alteryx on a standard machine in comparison to other contestants. 




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8 - Asteroid

Hi, I hope all is well. 


I think it would be useful for videos (or gifs with text) similar to those from the interaction lesson (but not interactive, just a follow along demo) to be added to each challenge with reasons why. For instance, I don't really use the distance tool but would like to understand why that tool was used over a different spatial tool without having to go back to the lessons plan. 



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Hi, I hope all is well. 


I think it would be useful if expressions were further elaborated/explained during these challenges. I'm currently taking an expressions course Learning Regular Expressions (2011) through LinkedIn because I don't understand what to write or interpret what has been written. Granted, lessons on Alteryx are based on the program and not to teach us how to do our jobs but because this component seems to be required more often than not, I think having tutorials similar to the LinkedIn course would help clients gain comfort with the software resulting in a higher retention rate.



8 - Asteroid

Hi Alteryx team, I hope all is well. 


I think the team should reconsider the labelling system as some that are labelled as beginner are more difficult than some labelled as advanced. I would maybe consider identifying which tools are most often used in workflows and creating a weighted scale where common and core tools are light in weight while less common tools are weighted more heavily. 



8 - Asteroid

I have a series of sticky notes identifying which challenges I've completed but it's more chaotic because I started out only completing the beginner challenges which are in all sorts of order. 

10 - Fireball

Wow! Just seeing this and so some fantastic ideas already!!

One thing that I found to be helpful and engaging was the Lunch & Learn series. It was live with tons of question and discussions at the end of the session. Taking cues from this approach, one suggestion from me is to add Grand Prix like virtual events once a month. The events can be divided based on challenge difficultly (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) or individual expertise level so that no one feels left out or has an apprehension to participate.

The accolades can be something like Grand Prix winner of the Month!! I envision this to increase engagement and bring in more customers, users to the platform plus this could get all of us prepped for the big Grand Prix moment on stage!

12 - Quasar



Few thoughts:


1. Why don't we link the challenge to a question that was asked by a user as part of the Designer/Server discussions? Perhaps there could then be a "stock" challenge that helps newer users work through an example of how to solve that type of real-world challenge


2. A bit of an "out-there idea", but I would love to expand my skills with the community on less often used areas, e.g. Connect or how to connect to particular sources that may be less common unless your company has it (Redshift/S3/Snowflake etc.). Perhaps there could be a trial account or something if costs are prohibitive (so limited time challenge)


3. What about real-world scenarios/use cases that could be kept? So if we could over the course of a few weeks stitch together a few building blocks and then build something that can be used for all Alteryx customers? 




8 - Asteroid

Not an improvement but a possible challenge? Dog food comparison? Price versus protein? Price per ounce? How many ounces and what is the price total to feed a 50 lb dog? Just an idea??  I added a file to help. Thanks!!


8 - Asteroid

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for putting up all these challenges.  For me, it has been the best way to learn - I've probably spent 90% of my time learning from completing these (with the other 10% from the Interactive Lessons and Tool Mastery pages - also excellent).


I agree with some of the suggestions about making it easier to track which ones you've done.  I keep a log in Excel which works well enough, but in an ideal world it would be great to see a tick or flag next to the completed ones.  I'm not sure if that's too hard to implement though.


It would be great to have a few more challenges that cover the predictive and analysis tools - there have been a few but could always use more.  Same goes for batch macros and iterative macros.  Spatial challenges are always fun too, but there have been a few more of these already. 



11 - Bolide

I'd like to see them multiple choice, like a certification exam - you'll know immediately if you got the right or wrong answer without having to look at other people's solutions that may contain spoilers. That should also make it easy if you wanted to track results, earn badges, etc. 


I like that the challenges introduce me to tools I've sometimes never used before and then I start using them all the time. But I also like to see how few steps I can do the challenge in. It would be neat to call out some kind of unofficial/for fun "record" of what the fewest tools used to get to the right answer was