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Weekly Challenge Improvement Ideas Wanted!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We are investigating on making some updates to the Weekly Challenge area on Alteryx Academy! What do you think some key improvements or enhancements you would like to see in the future? We wanted to hear from you!


Reply to this thread to share your ideas.

8 - Asteroid

I agree with Kelly. Please include categories in the index thread.

8 - Asteroid

Firstly, let me say I love your weekly challenges! Its the best way to learn. Now for someone who is just getting started out on solving the challenges and maybe preparing for the Core cert exam, it would be great if:

1. there could be a personal page for challenges attempted in a tabular format

2. that you could sort per your wishes with a check mark against ones attempted.

3. Maybe space for notes against each one  that allows you to quickly go back to the one on 'Datetime' as an example to go over how the tool is used. 



5 - Atom

Hello JoeM,


There should be topic or domain associated with each kind of problem and maybe if possible those can be used as a filter by the user to filter the challenges (historical)

6 - Meteoroid


there are often more than one way to solve a task. For a person learning how to use the tools, it is very helpful to see such examples. Unfortunately, there is no functionality to filter the types of solutions, not to mention that not every solution thrown is in line with the expected result.

For me "nice to have":

a) the latest answers at the beginning, because along with the development of the tool, certain tasks become easier over time.There are examples when people find it difficult to get what the challenge checks because while they are solving it, using already upgraded tools with more developed functionalities, the challenge stops being an problem.

b) requirement past to participant to validate his own result and show proof of correctness

c) I would love to have challenges divided into "tough nuts to crack" from real life situation and the other group, in the opposite, something like "funny friday" where there is a logic puzzle to solve using Alteryx


Beside the all above, great challenges - thanks for great opportunities to grow.

11 - Bolide

Weeky Challenge is a great initiative to help people learn the tools as well as to tackle different problems. By seeing the solutions of other people, we get a whole new perspective of solving an issue. Here are my 2 cents to improve the program.


1. Come up with a way, a user can post idea of the weekly challenge. I can understand the difficulties involved. But some user might not prefer to send these ideas over email. 

2. In order to increase the participation, the time of starting of weekly challenge should be changed every week so that people from different parts of the world will get the best time to solve.

3. Come up with some matrix like time taken to solve the challenge based on time between download of the input data and upload of the answer. Also as some other friends suggested, the challenge stats should be made available in the profile page.

4. There should be some mechanism to detect malpractices in submitting solutions and strict action has to be taken against such users.

5. Possibility to list the top 10 participants who completed the previous challenge to be displayed.


Thank you

7 - Meteor

I think having a timed contest (set of challenges) every month would be an interesting addition to the mix.

9 - Comet



I am working through the ADAPT program and so grateful for this opportunity to learn a new skill! With no data science background it has been a lot to learn but a lot of fun as well. I have been working on challenges trying to get practice, but some challenges that are labeled beginner are fairly complicated to me and I don't succeed at them all. 

I would love if there was a way to label some of the challenges as both Beginner, and by tool. For example, I would like to practice using the CrossTab and Transpose tools, but I don't know if the challenge I choose on any given day will contain them. 

I realize that by tagging specific tools you would be "giving away" that aspect of the challenge. I guess I'm looking for a more targeted or systematic way to practice my areas that need improvement. Thank you again! 



8 - Asteroid

Thanks a lot for taking this kind of initiative,Happy to engage on this event.

**kindly ignore spelling mistakes and sorry for bad handwriting.

IMG20200622154345 (1).jpg


@JoeM  I also want to mention there may need some improvement on
--"Right data to right people at right time." you must know this but just wanted to mention.


The contents are very informative and helpful,So thanks to you and  

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I'm not sure why I'm just now stumbling across this thread (I was even tagged in it *sigh*) but I have to echo some of the thoughts already mentioned.


I LOVE to see all of the different ways that one problem can be solved. These weekly challenges provide that opportunity. They also allow you exposure to a use case for a tool you may not use often. I'll be honest, after I submit my response to the weekly challenge, I unsubscribe from the thread just because there are so many emails that could come as a result and I don't have time to look at them all. Instead, I usually look at the first page or two of posted solutions and that's it. Somehow highlighting unique solutions and bringing them to the forefront would be such a great add! It would allow out-of-the-box thinkers to be showcased, and it would enable others to quickly find different ways to solve the same problem.

12 - Quasar

Weekly Challenges are the best... One great thing about them is that they're unstructured and not competitive, bar the top 10. 


Given that it's next to impossible to control cheating, I don't see too much value in adding competitiveness around other metrics. I also like that currently, everyone can do the challenges when and how they please. It's fun and challenging, but not stressful. In the end speed and number of tools, etc, don't make the best workflows...


The idea of highlighting unique submissions is good. I normally just look for a few people I know post good ones or lots of stars... Perhaps, to keep it easy, you could allow users to sort the posts by recent or top starred? The community tends to be the best judge.


I'm also a big fan of the multi-level challenges. These are great at catering to more users at the same time and also allow beginner users to gently dip into more advanced topics.


One key thing for me in doing challenges is to never peak at the solution until I've solved it. I tried to encourage this behaviour when I led Weekly Challenge sessions as I often noticed that the biggest struggle everyone was facing was how to approach the problem, even when they were comfortable with the tool. An idea might be to hide all submissions for the first couple of hours/days to encourage this. I do however appreciate that this removes the quick scroll through other solutions afterwards... tricky, tricky!


On a more personal note, more puzzles please!! 🙂 🙂 KRYPTOS 😉