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Weekly Challenge Improvement Ideas Wanted!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We are investigating on making some updates to the Weekly Challenge area on Alteryx Academy! What do you think some key improvements or enhancements you would like to see in the future? We wanted to hear from you!


Reply to this thread to share your ideas.

14 - Magnetar



There is a workflow that will tell you which ones you've completed, all you need to do is input your username and run it!


8 - Asteroid

Thanks @Luke_C. I've seen this (and run it!) previously.  But useful pointer for anybody who hasn't found it. 


This is a useful workflow, but not as handy as a flag next to the actual challenge (and index).  So we can instantly spot the gaps rather than cross-referencing. In the same way as I can immediately see which interactive lessons I've completed. 


Just an idea - to make an already brilliant resource even easier to navigate!  Presumably it must be possible (perhaps straight forward?) to implement as we can already see who the last person to post was, so somewhere it is recording everyone who posts.  So it just needs something to check whether the current user has ever posted on the thread. (Assume anybody who posts has completed the challenge - fair assumption for 99.9% of people I reckon)

7 - Meteor

It would be great to have a theme based weekly challenge of sorts.


As an example - a weekly challenge bundle focused towards sustainability. There would be datasets (preferably near real world) and the challenge would actually focus on a solution with some real world impact, not just academic learning. 

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


As mentioned above, I think there should be threaded discussions. At the moment it seems a bit of a free for all and it's quite hard to keep track of comments, whereas a threaded discussion is likely to encourage people to comment on other posts and start discussions.


It would be really useful if there was a way to track what challenges you have completed, and the ones you haven't completed. If they were split into two sections or you could filter through, it would be much easier to manage.


Hope these suggestions help.



8 - Asteroid

Great ideas already!  Just a few more:


1) Being sort of nit-picky here but when you click on the challenge link, it should go to the actual challenge post rather than the most recent reply (I know you can effectively do this via choosing the earliest associated page #, but as said - being nit picky!)

2) Group all challenges into uber-buckets of Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, and then from there you could choose a more targeted theme (data prep, spatial, transform etc.)

3) Create a point/ranking system for replies.  For example, x number of points for most innovative answer, y number of points for the answer using the fewest tools (this is a good skill to focus on esp. for folks moving large amounts of data around), z number of points for most well organized workflow and so on.  Might be challenging as new responses are always coming in, but just an idea....

6 - Meteoroid

I work as a Data Scientist, and one of the most influential websites for me in my career has been; so Kaggle is a platform where Data Scientists and Developers can compete in building the best models (based on the accuracy and/or performance of models), for a cash prize.


When companies who use Alteryx in their stack have business problems, they can post the (anonymized) data on the Community Platform, and members can compete to develop the best workflows to solve these problems.