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Using Output file as an input file

5 - Atom

I am looking for a way where i can use output file as an input file. 

16 - Nebula

Hi @SurabhiGoyal 


Can you expand a bit on the use case? 

5 - Atom

Try using the Parallel Block Until Done (Crew Macro) to achieve this: (In essence, the tool blocks the 2nd input and output to be processed till the 1st input and output steps are completed)

  1. The 1st input to the tool will be the incoming connection of the dataset to be output
  2. The 1st output will be connected to the Output tool
  3. The 2nd input will be connected to the dataset referencing the expected input file - same as the output tool file naming convention
  4. The 2nd output could be connected to the dynamic input tool (reading in the file/datasource that was written in the 1st output step)

Hope this helps!