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User Text Input values to store in a variable and use parameter for another rest service



I am new to Alteryx world and have been tasked to do following and I have trouble achieving it.  Any help is appreciated.


- Accept ID as User Input

- Us this ID to pass as path parameter to another service

    - Service endpoint is different from DEV to QA (not sure how I can achieve this)

- Extract the data to compare with another file that is available.


I have hard time using Text Box value using with in the formula.  Attaching the flow for your reference.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @vkAlteryxCommunity ,


I altered your workflow to have your URL endpoint as the value in the text input and the user input to change the value in the formula tool. This will avoid any weird autodetected data type nonsense. Also I set up two different containers, one for each URL endpoint. The users selection of a radio button will decide which container is ran. I grouped the text inputs into the radio buttons in the interface designer - layout view using the up/down arrows so they collapse when deselected. See below. 


The workflow will also output and open the files automatically. This can be changed in the properties of the interface designer as shown below. 



If you need to compare the output of this file to another file, I'd recommend using a chained application. I'd like to know more about the comparison process though.


Hope this helps.



Thank you for quick response and great example but if i make changes to your code 'Replace' to 'validationInput', it is taking the validationInput as literal than actual value passed in.  Not sure where i am making the change.  


8 - Asteroid

I added the word 'Replace' in because that is what the interface tools will replace from the user's entry. You could also use the word ValidationInput, it all depends on the string that you point the action tool to.



In this image I am configuring the action tool connected to the formula to replace the string validationinput in the first formula field with the user's input.