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User Account Inactivated or Deleted

6 - Meteoroid

I went to log in to my user account and it told me there was an error with that email/password combination.  assuming i changed my password and forgot, I clicked the "forgot password" button and was told my email was not listed as a user.  strange.  didn't feel like chasing that issue so i set up a new account with my same email (and password) and selected my same screen name, and it said my screen name was taken (duh - by me).  so i just changed my screen name slightly and now have a new account.  i'm fine with my new account but has anyone else had this issue?  i hadn't logged in for a while so i don't know if it was deactivated or what, but now I can't access all my old posts so questions that I had in the past (and forgot the answer to) I can't go back and look. Any way to reactivate my old account, or do I just need to make friends with my old screen name?  


Hello @Rob50 

This is definitely something the community team can assist you with. 
Please send an email to and we can help you troubleshoot what is going on.




Community Moderator