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Un-Boo-Lievable! The Alteryx Community is Haunted!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Well, we couldn't go forever without something weird happening this spooky season, now could we? Apparently some pesky little spirits have infiltrated the Alteryx Community, and we could use your help! You see, these ghosts aren't necessarily a danger to anyone - can you imagine if interactive lessons had been possessed by something evil? Then we'd really have problems.


It seems as though the sneaky little spectres seem to be congregating around specific buttons and links around the community in a game of hide and seek (links that seem to be pretty important for a holistic community experience for our members, no less). Even though these little guys aren't causing any major harm, we would definitely appreciate the help of the community to find them. There seem to be nine posses of poltergeists throughout the community, and you'll know you've found them when you hover over a link or a button and they pop out to say hello!


Here's where it gets fun - keep a list going of all the places that you've found the little guys, and once you have all nine, respond to this thread with their locations! Now, in the spirit of fun, don't forget to add a spoiler to your answer so others can still enjoy the hunt. We'll be sure to shout out all of you that participate and find the wily wraiths before the game of digital ghostbusting ends on November 3.


As an even more fun added bonus, our own @KylieF created some absolutely amazing community avatar-based Halloween costumes to make things even more fun - when you post your answer, make sure to include what costume you'd like to wear from the list below - we'll be updating at the end of each day and you'll get a nice little shareable surprise.


COSTUMES (pictured below L to R)

  • Megaman X
  • Swamp Creature
  • Frankenstein
  • Mummy
  • Witch
  • RX-78-2 Gundam
  • Candy Corn Monarch
  • Bone Collector



And if you're struggling - don't worry!  We'll be adding some hints as the game goes on to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance to find them. You've got from October 27th through November 3rd to round up the hiding spots of these freaky phantoms. Have a fun and spooky time this week while you live out your "Ghost Hunters: Alteryx Community" dreams!



OK guys, as someone who has been collaborating with the ghosts to let them have a bit of fun - here's the first hint for those of you that are struggling. It looks like they seem to be congregating around a newer area of the community - particularly one that might help amplify new opportunities for those that know Alteryx...



OK y'all, it's time for another hint!  This one is going to be pretty helpful for all of you that are already Core Certified (hint hint), as the ghosts have upped their hiding game.  If you think you know where something should be, but the ghosts aren't showing up - try looking at it again in an incognito window - it's like using EVP tech, just in the community.



Alrighty then, it's time for our third hint as we enter the home stretch of searching for spectres! One of the gangs of ghouls in the community is hanging around a button that would be pretty darn useful if you wanted to automatically keep up to date on the happenings of what's going on in the community overall. I wonder if they found it by following me and @KylieF as we were making our monthly stop...

Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Happy (Belated) Halloween everyone!


I have some costumes for our spooky spirit scavengers!




(I'm very glad this costume got picked cause including it was a guilty pleasure of mine. @WillM Can vouch for my love of Mobile Suit Gundam!)





And you're pretty much on the money @atcodedog05 !


The reason that some of our ghosts are more hidden for certified users who aren't eligible to recertify yet is because the button between those two views is technically different and we've attached our purple poltergeist to the recertification/certification button. A good learning opportunity for future hunts.
Program Manager - Community Platform, Alteryx
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @KylieF ,


Happy Halloween!


I'm glad to wear this costume!

I also like Gundam! 


6 - Meteoroid


1. Community Home Page --> Ask a question
2. Community Hub --> Getting Started on Community
3. General Discussions --> New Topic button
4. Certification Page --> Core certify/recertify button
5. Community Ideas --> Suggest An Idea button
6. Blog --> Alter.Nation --> Subscribe
7. Podcast --> Subscribe
8. SparkED Job Board --> Create article
9. User Groups --> Learn more


Its the RX-78-2 Gundam for me!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As many of you have realized, we seem to have been able to get all of the ghosts to go back where they belong so they can have some much needed rest before they decided to haunt us again.  They were friendly little ghouls, but at the end of the day, the spooky season is wrapping up and it's time for those of us in the States to get ready to completely gorge ourselves in a few weeks until we fall into a tryptophan induced sleep.  Thank you to everyone for participating, and be on the lookout for some recognition of your efforts soon!

Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

While the Halloween event has ended, the costumes still live!





And for anyone who participated in the hunt and didn't ask for a costume, feel free to ping me during the next week and I'm happy to get you one!

Program Manager - Community Platform, Alteryx