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Tracking Weekly Challenge Completion in Power BI

8 - Asteroid

Hi all! I have a Power BI tool I'd like to share with yall to help track the Alteryx Weekly Challenges that you and your colleagues have completed. I'll be using it to start some friendly competition at my company :)


To use it, open Transform Data, navigate to the Users query, hit the gear icon next to source, and update the table with your list of Alteryx usernames and the corresponding person's name. Hit Close and Apply. Power BI will then scrape the Alteryx forums for that list of usernames to return the list of weekly challenge posts that the users have replied to.



The left side of the report gives an overview of how active your group is.

The right side of the page gives a detailed view for the competitor selected in the slicer.

  • The Challenges per Week gauge plots your completion rate against the group average and the person with the greatest completion rate in the group.
  • The Strengths radar chart displays the skills used in each challenge and the percentage of the challenges with those skills that you've completed.
  • The challenge list at the bottom gives all challenges with a link to the forum post. The red car indicates that you haven't finished that challenge and the checkered flag indicates that you have. The ask for help column displays the users in your group who have completed the challenge in case you want to collaborate in person.
  • The Go to Next Challenge button in the top right will bring you to a random, uncompleted challenge. The Next Challenge Order filter in the filter pane allows you to choose if the button will start with uncompleted basic challenges or will pick a random one for you.


This Power BI report can be published with a scheduled refresh on Power BI online if you so choose. If you'd like to swap the username list to Sharepoint or Excel or another external source, you can change the source of the Users query. You will likely also need to change the source of the Community Posts query since I've encountered errors if I don't. Here's a list of accessing data functions to use to make that swap.


I'd like to give a shoutout to @Hannah_Lissaman@Alekh, and @mceleavey, whose Alteryx workflow to retrieve this data was instrumental in creating this Power BI.

12 - Quasar

@harrame Great 👍

8 - Asteroid

Here's a slightly updated version of the file that provides a filter for identifying the certification level each challenge is associated with.