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**Thursday Thought ** Server.NEXT


Hey there, it’s the Product Team at Alteryx! Did you hear @russell_christopher, Senior Director of Product Management, talk about Server.Next at Inspire this year?


We’d love to know what excites you the MOST when it comes to Server.Next? Below is a small sample list of features (don’t worry if you don’t see something, this is just a sample). Which one will make the most impact if your team had Server.Next today?


  1. Sites: A collection of users, groups, and assets that provides complete data segregation for an organization.  While a user may be a member of multiple sites, assets are never shared between sites.
  2. Virtual File System: Able to save workflows and apps on in the system and also share those folders with groups or individuals
  3. Custom Roles and Permissions: The ability to customize roles and permission for groups or individuals
  4. Enhanced Search Capabilities: Easily search for assets, data, and apps across the site.
  5. Share Workflows and Apps
  6. Modern Tech Stack: PostgreSQL, not Mongo
  7. Metadata Loaders and Data Cataloging: Unified and user friendly way to extract metadata from a data sources
  8. Designer Integration: Seamless transition from Server.Next to Designer (i.e. Take a workflow from Server.Next and use it in designer with 1 click)
  9. User Management: Easily manage users on a site through a comprehensive user interface.
  10. Public/remote API access


Thank you!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar
Hi @tvela

Not a massive user but it is an interesting dataset to explore, especially from a tech enablement perspective with the call home feature turned on as it helps identify what tool categories users are utilising and can therefore target specific training and workshops to those users. I talked a bit about potential applications of it at a London User Group earlier this year (https://community.alteryx.com/t5/London-UK/Recap-20-London-Alteryx-User-Group-01-05-2019/gpm-p/42296...)

Check out my collaboration with fellow ACE Joshua Burkhow at AlterTricks.com
9 - Comet

Custom user/roles/Groups Excites me! I cannot wait to use it. I hope they release this year 2020. 

The beta program is out for specified users.