2022.1.1.30569 Patch Release Update

The 2022.1.1.30569 Patch/Minor release has been removed from the Download Portal due to a missing signature in some of the included files. This causes the files to not be recognized as valid files provided by Alteryx and might trigger warning messages by some 3rd party programs. If you installed the 2022.1.1.30569 release, we recommend that you reinstall the patch.

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Thank you, and goodbye (for now)

5 - Atom

Hi everyone!


This is Alex Koszycki, but you may know me better by my former Alteryx associate username AlexKo.


I've had an amazing adventure working at Alteryx these past four years, and this Community has been a wonderful part of that. I simply couldn't disappear without reaching out to thank the Alteryx customers, associates, and evangelists that I've had the pleasure to meet through the Alteryx Community. This is such a vibrant and talented group of people, and I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to work, play, and laugh together.



Working at Alteryx has been kind of like getting on a rollercoaster and then finding out later that it was actually a rocket ship. From my early days on our Customer Support team, I could sense that special things are happening here. Getting to work with our product development teams on cool new features like caching was a dream come true. The Community was always the magic sauce though, and I feel immensely lucky to have been able to join the kickass Community team for my final year and work on stuff like Inspire and redesigning the website.


I've decided to take some time to chase my passions wherever they may lead me, but leaving Alteryx was certainly not an easy decision, and very bittersweet. I count many colleagues among my closest friends, and it's never easy to leave one of the best teams you ever had. I hope to remain close to this Community in the future.


Thank you for having me along for the ride!






@alexkoszycki on Twitter (I'm retiring my AlteryxAlex Twitter handle)

Instagram (my preferred social media these days)




1TRX8481.jpg2TRX7946.jpg2TRX8611.jpg2TRX8944.jpg2016 02 - All Hands 012.jpg2016 02 - All Hands 023.jpg2016 02 - All Hands 042.jpg2016 02 - All Hands 049.jpg2016 02 - All Hands cropped.jpg10392259_10153581998969010_7378190911956797229_n.JPG20151211_223648.JPGbe716633-1691-4132-a483-8cf52eb00cf9.JPGDOT.PNGideaspanel.jpgIMG_0064.PNGIMG_0087.JPGIMG_0152.JPGIMG_0186.jpgIMG_0213.JPGIMG_0265.PNGIMG_0580.JPGIMG_0262.JPGIMG_0270.PNGIMG_0277.PNGIMG_0284.JPGIMG_0375.PNGIMG_0414.JPGIMG_0429.PNGIMG_0490.jpgIMG_0577.JPGIMG_1126.jpgIMG_1191.jpgIMG_1247.jpgIMG_1333.jpgIMG_1345.JPGIMG_1346.JPGIMG_1358.jpgIMG_1365.jpgIMG_1515.JPGIMG_1541.jpgIMG_1714.jpgIMG_1746.JPGIMG_1750.jpgIMG_1972.jpgIMG_1976.JPGIMG_2002.JPGIMG_2233.jpgIMG_2367.PNGIMG_2475.jpgIMG_2478.JPGIMG_2629.PNGIMG_2725.JPGIMG_3849.jpgIMG_4224.jpgIMG_4266.PNGIMG_4268.jpgIMG_4270.jpgIMG_4271.jpgIMG_7794.JPGIMG_9726.JPGmassive.jpgsheldon rap.PNGsoph.JPG





Best of luck, Alex! You are one impressive dude. I knew that early on. We (and Matt D) were in boot camp together 4 years ago and man did you hit the ground running in Support. It was always a pleasure working with you and saying "hey" when I came to Broomfield. Take care, Alex!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Alex rode into Alteryx and right into our hearts! Good luck @AlexKo_


9 - Comet
9 - Comet

Thanks for sharing those pics and for all the help you gave me. The only bit of advice I can give you is to try to have some fun on your job or during your adventures, man! Working for Alteryx looked sooooo boooring! I noticed you even had to take a snooze under your desk! If you are able to find any more passion than Alteryx gives us, please call me directly because I want to buy some! You are a special dude with rap skills, too.

Best wishes,

Ken Black
General Motors