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Sort for highest level of clearance and expiry date

5 - Atom



I'm new to working with Alteryx. I have a table with the headings: Name, Accesibility Clearance, Secret Clearance and Top Secret Clearance, Date of Accesibility Clearance Expiry, Date of Secret Clearance Expiry, and Date of Top Secret Clearance Expiry.  Some people only have accessibility; others have both secret and top secret. I want to achieve an output that would have the name as well as highest level of clearance they achieved and the corresponding expiry date. 


The expiry date for the lower clearance may be more recent than the one for the person's higher clearance. 


ANy help would be much appreciated. 



13 - Pulsar

I think this will work as long as a person has an expired clearance.  If they are up to date, no expiry, then more logic would be needed.