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Show us your work from home station!

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Everyone, mind your battle stations....


Credit: NBC, The OfficeCredit: NBC, The Office


Our very own @joannallyson started a group chat for Alteryx team members to show off our home offices and we thought, hey - let's take this to the Community!


As a small apartment dweller, I don't have space for even a table, let alone a desk or mega desk, so here I am couching it in Denver:


Nothing like a wide angle camera to make your space feel bigger than it is. It's all about perspective people!Nothing like a wide angle camera to make your space feel bigger than it is. It's all about perspective people!


To keep my work separate, I've been making sure to fully pack away all work materials at the end of the day, plus making a conscious choice to eat lunch and take breaks in my kitchen.


Now it's your turn! Where are you working from, and what does your "SheWork" station look like?


Credit: Comedy Central, Broad CityCredit: Comedy Central, Broad City


To kick it off, I want to hear from @joannallyson@LeahK, and @Ozzie. Ready go! 


I'm keeping it pretty simple these days with my one-monitor set up! Ample light and a few plant friends make self-quarantine a little easier on the soul 🙂 

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all the RGB!!!!Image from iOS.jpg

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I've worked remotely for all of my professional career! I started off working from a small corner desk in my bedroom while also having two young kiddos at home. I was out of my mind. Needless to say I learned my lesson and now have my own office. In my experience it's very important to be able to close the door and "shut work off" - similar to how employees that work in an office physically leave their work environment, commute home, etc. 





Yes, I have a cat tower in my office. This crazy cat lady has 6 cats and having them sit at the window sniffing the fresh breeze is calming to me. As you can see I also like being surrounded by my favorite music, memories, and childhood trinkets. And of course, Seahawks swag plus my fantasy football trophy. 





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To sit or to stand. 


The less cables I see, the better 

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Image from iOS (1).jpg

My research assistant is ready to help analyze some data! 

Lauren Purkhiser | UX Researcher
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@jayceeb: Me, when I see Alter Everything Podcast wallpaper


Credit: The Ellen Show, Kristen BellCredit: The Ellen Show, Kristen Bell


If anyone else out there wants to freshen up their desktops, scroll down to the comments section of this episode to find the Dropbox link!

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I work from home pretty frequently, but it's a whole new ball game doing it all day, erryday!  I did just order a new desk chair, as per David, Steve and Gary's advice in this article.  ( @NicoleJohnson got one, too!)

I chose this antique banquet because I can sit, stand, and pile it up with books and notepads... When I look at peoples' setups, I am always asking myself, "where are all the notebooks?"  Don't y'all write anything down?!



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Part dinning table, part home office! 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

The new chair in allllll its glory. SO. HAPPY.



Like @CristonS, I also worked from home occasionally, but had to upgrade the setup from my usual couch-location (I feel you, @MaddieJ...) after my little one claimed that for her zone. 🙂 So now, I'm in a corner of the kitchen, which would explain the butcher-block-cart-turned-desk and the wine on the bottom shelf. #dontjudgeme #itsfiveoclocksomewhere


Other important elements include an amazing view of the lovely spring weather we are having, an incredible smelling candle, and something to remind me of my T-Mobile office "home" . 🙂