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Predictive tool not working.

9 - Comet

I've update to the latest version of Alteryx Designer 2022.1.1.30961 and installed the R installer to same version

Cannot use the modelling tools in the Predictive section now, is it due to the R upgrade to 4.1.3, so it is causing issue with the R script?


Error: Logistic Regression (2): Logistic Regression: Error in read.Alteryx.DoReadInternal(.Call("ReadYXDBStreaming", AlteryxInputs[[name]], :

Screenshot 2022-06-26 145110.png

9 - Comet

Also, is there a location on CRAN or github I can see any Alteryx R package? I am curious to find out where those error message come from.

5 - Atom

I'm seeing   ' Error in parse(text = s) : <text>:1:17: unexpected INCOMPLETE_STRING'

for the R console 


It's interesting because it's failing in their examples with R. There has to be something simple that I'm missing

5 - Atom

Hello.  I am having the same issue running predictive tools or anything that has R.  I have updated both Designer and R packages to latest, installed as admin, and running as admin or non-admin, I get this error running Alteryx's examples:  



8-3-2022 10-32-20 PM.jpg