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New Associate Project Thread


Team Number 1. | Jan. 14, 2021 | @Staon@TomasS@VojtechFried@JJI 


- How the opening move influence your change to win in chess

- Output to html and pdf

- 20000 chess matches from Kaggel




-Project Description:
UK and US Best Selling Albums

We enjoy music and wanted to compare the best selling/highest ranked albums in the UK and the USA.

-Data Sources used:

USA Best Selling Albums

UK Best Selling Albums

We are posting this because we would love to learn how to handle the data cleansing with fewer REGEX statements.
Or a completely different way to handle the data.

Lots of Learning opportunities for data preparation and blending.

1. A hyphen in the album name (same as other delimiter)
2. US Artist name included "The". But the UK artist name did not in "The". Ex. "The Beatles" and "BEATLES".
3. UK Artist name was all caps. US Artist name was in Title format
4. Some hidden spaces and delimiters were not easily/automatically found
5. Regex functionality is very powerful but still requires some effort.
6. It takes a little effort to properly word/phrase your search in community.

Interesting observations:
Surprised that the below UK artists did not make the UK Ranking.

Led Zeppelin (four albums in the US), Elton John, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, AC/DC

There is a large difference between the ranking the artist achieved in the UK and the US.

We hope all of you enjoy and discover some other surprises.


Team 3 | Feb 11th, 2021 | @TylerH @sarahwelch 


Project Description: How have the price + quality/rating of red wine trended globally over the last 10 years?


Data Sources:

  • Global wine price + rating data (Kaggle)
  • Country-level spatial data (ESRI)

Team 5 | 2/11/2021 | @johnfree , @victoriaperkins , @patrickcanepa , @Nelson8 


-Project Description:

Challenge #15: Warehouse Shipped Miles


We calculated the total shipped miles per item. The products were available from 3 different warehouses, lat/lon data is provided for each warehouse and each store location.


Our goal was to find the total distance travelled in miles for each item based on it being shipped from the closest warehouse




  @OleksandrVlasov  @PavelPankov 


Team# 1 | 11/02/2021 | Pavel Pankov, Oleksandr Vlasov and Gouthami Unnava

Project Description:

We extracted the tweets mentioning Alteryx in the last 7 days and did a sentiment analysis on the data


Data Sources:
Twitter data extracted using twitter API




Team 4 | 03/11/2020 | @Gabrie11a@Angela_M_Burks, @Marootian , @johnvansickle 


We decided to investigate whether there is a correlation between economic freedom and happiness of a country. We also investigate some specifics of the happiness metrics seeking a more clear indicator of happiness. We also mapped the top 15 happiest countries to visualize whether the happiest countries are or are not in the same region.


We have four separate data sources:

- Happiness Data

- Economic Freedom Data

- GDP per capita

- world_coordinates


Team 3 | 3.11.2021

This project was completed by @JPKribs@marisabaptista@aihua and @DanM-CO


Between Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, which is the best streaming service based on several personal preferences? 


What is the best streaming platform based on the following: 



  • Language requirement 
  • TV vs. movie preference
  • Genres 
  • Chosen recognized actors/actresses
  • New content vs classic content  
  • IMDB rating minimum 
  • Family content requirement 

Based on the preferences chosen above, the output would reflect the total content that fits your requirements and how well the average content fits your requirements. This analytic app will determine the best streaming service for you! 







5 - Atom

Team 1 - Igor Nikonenko, Jakub Mahnert, Lukas Sladky, Vladimír Kroupa


Sentiment analysis of movie plots


Questions asked:


Given only "famous" movies - movies where at least one of the actors is an academy awards winner:

  • What are the most common words in all the movie plots?
  • What are the most common words in movie plots with positive sounding plots?
  • What are the most common words in movie plots with negative sounding plots
  • Which movie directors are associated with the most positive sounding plots and which are associated with the most negative sounding ones?
  • Which movie genres in general contain movies with the most positive sounding plots and which contain the most negative sounding ones?


Main tools used:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Word cloud


Input data:

# Team 7 4/15/2021: 

@edward_vetterdrake@theglenjamin@harperschmidt, Haig Douzdjian


# Project Description:

Spotify metadata provides a lot of information about their tracks describing different aspects of songs such as acousticness, liveness, and danceability, among others. We decided to answer the question of "What country has the "danciest" music?". 


# Data Sources used:

  - SpotifyTopSongsByCountry - May 2020.csv

  - Spotify 1.2 M Songs.csv