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Maveryx Chatter: New Year's analytics resolution


Welcome to the new year Maveryx! We’re excited to introduce a new way to engage with your fellow Community members: Maveryx Chatter


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We’ll be starting off this series with a question about the year ahead:


Tell the Community about your New Year's analytics resolution!


Well, first I guess I'll say thanks for the motivation to make a 2024 analytics resolution. I think something I need to start doing again is automating my day-to-day tasks with a I resolve to build at least one macro / app or scheduled workflow a quarter in 2024!

Cailin Swingle
Customer Success & Services
5 - Atom

What's up Maveryx! 

My New Year's Analytic Resolution is to use Alteryx Predictive features to answer the age-old question: "Does my dog actually know when I'm pretending to throw the ball?" 🐶 ... Just Kidding 😁

On a more serious note, my goal is to harness the power of historical data trends and leverage different modeling features, possibly correlation analysis, or even try pattern recognition to better help predict future successes! 🔮 


13 - Pulsar

My New Years resolution is to do everything to become an ACE by this Year. 😎

17 - Castor

My resolution is to complete 100 workflows for my company. I’m already done with 23 workflows solo! Mind you, these are huge gains. Cumulatively saving 6k hours a year. 

Hoping to hit the 100 mark and get my time savings to quadruple! 

17 - Castor

Making a resolution to stay consistent with blogging/writing about data - particularly tips and tricks in Alteryx! Also to keep building useful assets and sharing them with the community.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I updated the Designer Expert certification at the end of the last year. But I took the Predictive Master exam, however it failed at last year. I will try to take the Predictive Master this year again. And I want to get the all of the Alteryx certification.


And I would like to organize how to learn the spatial analytics in the first of half year.


9 - Comet

Getting that elusive advance certification. 

Getting at least 1 other user in my company to core certification. 



My New Year's Analytics resolution is to embrace data & analytics outside of work and incorporate more strategic analysis into my hobbies.  By combining my love for analytics with my love for golf, I expect that I can begin capturing shot related data, perform analyses on that data and ultimately begin shoot lower scores! Here's to lowering my hdcp in '24!

13 - Pulsar

My New Year's resolution is to complete Advanced Certification and then look into becoming and Alteryx Ace!