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Maveryx Chatter: AI in the workplace!


Hey Maveryx! We're back with another Maveryx Chatter. This week, let's chat about AI and how we use it in our work with data. Whether you use ChatGPT to reformat emails to your boss to make them sound more concise, or you completely reworked your entire job workflow using AI, we want to hear all about it! 


How do you use AI in your work with data?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

I've thought about using generative AI to test or generate regex--has anyone tried this and had success? 😊


I also use generative AI to clean up transcripts of conversations for blogs (not data work, but it is helpful!). We use some generative AI features for the podcast as well, like selecting meaningful clips from a podcast episode to put on social media.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I`m using it for a lot of things. Here is what I can remember:

  1. Specifically to Alteryx.
    1. I had a very interesting Alteryx project to standardize addresses, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to parse unit numbers/buildings because there was no clear pattern. 
      1. Multiple columns containing address info and also containing things non-related to the address
  2. Since English is my second language, I`m always reviewing if I`m using a proper tone for important e-mails. (Grammarly and ChatGPT)
  3.  Troubleshoot code issues. Python and R (ChatGPT)
  4. Create new codes. VBA, Powershell and command line scripts. These used to take a long time to create since I only knew a little about them (ChatGPT)
  5. Summarize YouTube videos. (Google Gemini)
  6. If there is something new I want to learn or search for, I usually start by asking ChatGPT and then move on to Google to find additional or 100% reliable sources.
5 - Atom

Whats up Maveryx! 

Gotta be honest, AI's basically become my partner-in-crime for many all of my daily tasks. 

🗣️Taming the Data Jargon: AI helps me translate complex data jargon into something even a hamster could understand. I use Alteryx to centralize, prep, blend and uncover my data insights and much, much more. For the explaining part, prompting AI is my go-to. Just a quick prompt like "How can I rephrase this stat so it makes sense and flows smoothly?" and boom! Clearer communication of data appears! 

📝AI, My Data Storytelling Coach: Look, I'm no Shakespeare, but AI definitely helps me craft data stories that people actually want to listen to. In bouncing ideas around, and AI helps me find the right angles to make the data hit home. It's all about that "Wait, this data can actually be interesting?" effect...Still a work in progress, but AI's definitely upping my storytelling game.

🧠Channeling My Inner CEO (with AI's Help) **: Okay, so we can't actually crawl inside CEO's heads (yet!), but AI helps in anticipating what questions they might have about reports. Sure, AI might not understand every executive quirk (let's be real, some quirks are beyond AI's capabilities), but it helps get pretty close. Bang! Less scrambling for answers during meetings, more time for fun Gifs! 🤡

🧑‍💻Leveling Up My SQL Skills with AI : Alright ill admit I 'am terrible at writing SQL, but AI helps write way cleaner, faster queries these days. AI has been great at helping catch those pesky formatting errors before they turn into data disasters + it helps write code that's not a million lines long. Who knows, with AI and SQL, maybe I can take over the world... or just for once perfectly join a tale correctly the first time!😅

Alright, folks, that's my love letter to AI. Basically, it makes me look smarter than I actually am considering I used it to write this whole post lol! ✌️


9 - Comet

I've input some of the regex code published to explain to me. A reverse of your use case @MeganBowers .  

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I use it to read XML and generate Regex patterns for me. I mainly use it to do things I otherwise would have to memorise for, and it frees up a lot of mental capacity.

Calvin Tang
Alteryx ACE
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I use Chat GPT to create Python codes. Instead of writing codes from scratch or copy&paste from websites, it's faster.


Sometimes their response is totally nonsense, but I can at least know 'I'm asking about something that the exact answers does not exit." That saves me a lot of time for unnecessary googling, and let me think about other approaches.

11 - Bolide

One of customers ask me if they can use both Alteryx and AI to achieve something in expense reimbursement auditing.I managed to create a demo for them to show how use AI to find out something which is not in compliance with their reimbursement policy and also generate a compliance report for each employee.