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Is the Alteryx Designer required for core certification?

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Hi All,


I just started learning Alteryx and started my 14 day trial version last week. I feel like I will need more time to pass the core certification; however, I have noticed that the Core certification exam has practical questions for which you need to use the designer tool.


My question is if its possible to use the Alteryx Designer while taking the exam even if the 14 day trial version has expired? Or does a person basically have only 14 days to pass the exam with the free trial version?


Thank you,


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Hi @fahmajeed ,

As I remembered, Core exam had not practice questions.

Other option, re-trial one more time,

Good luck!

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Hello, Fahad - You do need Designer for solving the Practical questions during the exam. Having said that you can install the free trial version twice. I was able to do that. Hope that helps!




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Thanks Arya

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Thanks huynv96

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I agree with @adizing . you will benefit a lot by having Designer during the exam. You can look up the configuration options of tools and definitely need it for a couple of practical type questions.

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While not required, it definitely helps. Every tool in the designer has an example, you can open up these examples and learn about the tools.
The exam tests you on different workflow solutions and their possible outputs, in such cases having the designer open will help you a lot

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You said you can install the free trial version twice? Could I have more information about that please? I've been going through the ADAPT program, and I have only one more attempt at core certification before my temporary license expires and I am just this side of a panic attack. If I can truly download the free trial and continue to use that to try for the certification it would be a huge relief!

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That is correct. You can re-install anytime after the first trial version expires (2 weeks).