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Ideas Submission Guidelines

Creative Director
Creative Director

Your ideas are important to us and we take every one seriously.  Before you get started, make sure you review the following guidelines.


Remember that Search field. Don’t forget to search the community before submitting a new idea. If the idea has already been submitted, then it needs your support to get recognized. Give submitted ideas your votes by clicking the star. Give them weight by commenting and thanking the original author.


Include Rationale.  The more we know about your idea – who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the more accurate we’ll be when it comes time to prioritize and size it.  This will also help gain support from the community.


Demonstrate your idea in Alteryx:  If you can demonstrate the idea in a workflow or macro, this helps with the thinking process and may get the idea more attention. An annotated screenshot can also help get your point across.


Star_yellow.pngVOTE:  Don’t forget to fulfill your civic duty and VOTE for those items you like and agree with by clicking the star in the top left corner of the Idea post. Ideas with votes will get our attention quicker. Once an Idea has gotten at least 10 votes, we'll respond accordingly.


Status Definitions and Process

Every idea has merit – we’ll endeavor to review each one in a timely manner and put it through the paces to determine community and customer value, viability, and fit with the Alteryx strategic mission. Each idea will be moved through a disposition lifecycle, described below.


New Idea – Submitted and ready to be voted on. We’ll set each of these ideas on a course to get feedback from the community and a definitive disposition from the Alteryx product team.


Comments Requested – a new idea might need clarification or additional feedback to help us gauge its customer impact. Ideas with this status will be open to the community for votes and constructive comments to help us make a better decision. We’ll give everyone a few weeks to pipe in, before moving the idea forward or providing another resolution.


Under Review – once the community has had a chance to comment and vote, some ideas will need a deeper dive to determine market fit and initial technical scoping. Items in this status have met our criteria and are officially in the Alteryx product backlog! The Alteryx product team continuously monitors the backlog for ongoing prioritization and, in time, slots each idea for further technical scoping and implementation.


Partner Dependent - we can only do so much. Sometimes, what sounds like a great idea depends on another party in order for us to implement the feature. Let us know you want it by voting in our community, but you need to also let the partner know too. We'll give you the information needed to communicate to the other party and we'll update the status when we are no longer blocked.


On the Roadmap – not only has your idea been vetted by the community and the Alteryx product team, but we’ve decided it needs to be on the roadmap. We'll get to it, but it is not officially scheduled for a near term release.


Coming Soon - you can expect to see this feature in a near term release.


Now Available – The idea has been implemented and delivered to our customers. Look for the release version denoted in the item, and check out the Alteryx release notes for details on how to start using it.


Not Planned - due to a low strategic fit or technical feasibility, ideas with this status are not being considered for the product roadmap and cannot be implemented without some major heavy lifting. Thank you for your contribution, every idea has merit.


Duplicate – Items in this status have already been submitted in some form or another. We’ll link these items over to the original idea so you can review the status or track the progress there.


Example Idea


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