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How do you use <= with numbers in one column to return text in new column?

5 - Atom

This is my first-time using Alteryx and I have a list of numbers that I want to return with a text.  I want anything that is <= to 30 in the Days Since Posted column to return the word Green in the Req status column and anything that is <= 59 in the numbers column to return the word Yellow in the Req status column and anything >59 in Days Since Posted column to return the word Red in the Req status column.  Here is the formula that was suggested to me that I use but it keeps saying I have an error.                     IF [Days Since Posted] <= 30 THEN "Green" ELSEIF [Days Since Posted] <= 59 THEN "Yellow" ELSE "Red" ENDIF                      When I hit Run - it comes back with An expression cannot end with a operator (expression #1)   Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


8 - Asteroid

Your formula seems to work for me. You did not upload example data but is it a string type, rather than numeric? That should give you a different error than what you are getting. I would think you forgot the ENDIF statement at the end but I see you have it.  


To note, be careful about doing else = something as in this case, any null would be coded as "red". I included an example in the flow so you can see what I mean. 


I hope this helps. If so, please mark it as correct/solved! 

5 - Atom

Thank you!