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Core exam: "Select all that apply"

8 - Asteroid



I'm currently preparing for the core exam.


In the video "Core Certification Prep - Part IV" -at 23:45, it states that "Select all that apply" questions should have least 2 correct answer choices.


In the "Core Certification Exam Prep Guide" there is an exam practice question, question 3 (Workflow to produce the Average value and append to the records). This question states "Select all that apply"....but there is just 1 answer (in this case B)


Please clarify.



15 - Aurora

That there is attention to detail. Nice catch!


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @SidUK ,


Thank you for notifying us of the inconsistency.  We have made some updates to the exam in recent months.  The video is correct, every "select all that apply" question on the exam will have at least two answers.  The pdf version of the prep guide has been updated, but the interactive version has not been updated yet.  The content of the questions in the interactive version is still accurate, but the format of the questions you will see on the exam is more accurately represented in the pdf version.  For any future questions on the certification exams feel free to email and we will be happy to assist you.


All the best,



Alteryx Certification Team