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Core certified? Volunteer online an hour/week this Fall at the University of Colorado

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Hi there! I'm teaching the introductory Business Analytics class at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder. It is entirely online (#covid) with 150+ students. For the Alteryx components of class, the students focus on content needed to become Alteryx Core-certified. 65% of the students achieved certification last semester, which is pretty nice for a Junior-level class with a good mix of majors (majority IS, but also lots of Marketing, Finance/Accounting, and Management). 


I was hoping to offer a cool new feature where Core-certified Alteryx professionals (Professional Analytics Gurus) would hold office hours one hour per week this semester (any time during the week is fine, including evening or weekend). I see having two professionals doing it together over Zoom so that there would be no need for prep and pre-knowledge on what the students are supposed to do. Questions may range from homework help (just responding to problems and providing general tips, no solving the assignments for them) to coaching and networking. If interested, please reach out to me. Please forward to your local Alteryx expert. Might be a good place to identify your next Alteryx hire.


Kai 🙂


Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity, @KaiLarsen! This is a GREAT way for our users to become more involved in what is going on with students - and I know there has been interest in something like this for quite some time.


From the Alteryx for Good side, I thought @lmisenhimer_CSR might be able to elevate this to some of our technical volunteers.


I also thought it might be a good idea for you to tap into the Denver-area user group.


@ChrisS , do you have any ideas?





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Thanks for the tag, @amais_SparkED ! 

@KaiLarsen, happy to pass along this information to our Co-Lab volunteers, who are always looking for ways to give back! I can share on our internal messaging board as well. 




Lori Misenhimer