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Community Q&A Session with Dean Stoecker - Share your questions here!

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The community team is  kicking off the summer season with a chance to bring your questions straight to the man at the top, Dean Stoecker! This is an exciting opportunity to have your questions be heard by the captain of the ship, and I'm very excited to share the details with you.


On July 15th, we'll be hosting a live Q&A session with Dean for the community.  The focus of this session is altering your mindset and the future role that analytics will play on the global stage (think in the workplace, in solving complex social and environmental issues, global politics and relations, etc).


Anyone is welcome to attend, but there's a kicker: the questions will be both sourced and prioritized directly by you, our community members!  Here's how it's going to work. This thread is open from now until the event, and will act as a collector, so post your questions for Dean here. Try to keep questions in line with the theme we'll be using, and try not to get too in the weeds.  We want this session to be enjoyable for everyone, from those just starting their analytics journey to seasoned data scientists.


We also need your help selecting the questions that are going to be included in the live event (which means that periodically checking in on this thread is a great idea).  We want you all to vote with your likes on the best questions.  Since we'll only have an hour, we won't be able to address every question live, but we'll use the most-liked questions to help prioritize which questions Dean addresses during the session.  If your question isn't chosen, however,  don't fret! We'll still be following up after the live event with a blog that will go through the remaining questions from the community and make sure everyone gets answers.


I hope that you're all as excited about this as I am.  Not every CEO appreciates community members like Dean does, and this is a great opportunity to make your voices heard! If you have any questions about the format or process, feel free to ask them in the thread below as well.  Now start thinking about what you'd like to learn, and ask away!


Registration for the live session is now open and can be accessed HERE. Register today and we'll see you at the event in a few short weeks!



Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@WillM & @dstoecker ,


Are there rules to the questions about the future role of analytics on the global stage?  If your'e counting likes, I might need to post each idea separately.  I'll leave room for others and consolidate this round of questions here.


  1. Folks don't know how Alteryx has a part to play in the following challenges:  the opioid crisis, veteran suicides, Middle-East peace, Equality and Covid-19.  How does AlteryxForGood mobilize the internal and community resources to lend a hand?  How can community members make themselves available to help?
  2. What have you recently read or recommend for reading that helps to frame your vision of the future?
  3. Forget complex, how do we as data analysts an scientists overcome inertia and start contributing?
  4. Is there any music that you'd recommend that we have on our playlists that could inspire us to act?
  5. How do you overcome a "no" response?
  6. How do you consume the Alteryx Community?
  7. Besides me, who in the Alteryx Community inspires you?

dean and mark.jpg


Okay, that's a start.  Let's put this to the Alteryx Community and see what other questions we can ask.





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12 - Quasar

Dean- since you’ve been a leader in the analytics software space for 20+ years I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of trends come and go as the space evolved.


Thinking of current trends influencing the space, would like to get your take on 2 things:


1. what’s one trend you are excited about or think will continue to be an important driver going forward


2. what currently hot trend do you see as something that will fade over time?

7 - Meteor

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to ask questions.  


With Data Analytics on the business and technology roadmap for the foreseeable future, what practices are being put in place today to assure that as we begin to use this current curated data tomorrow or in 5 years, it will be reliable, it will have integrity and that we can actually trust it?



Thank you,

Michelle Price

5 - Atom

Thankyou for hosting this opportunity.


As to the future of analytics on the global stage: Access for small business.


Currently there is talk of discontinuing Desktop Automation. The only way to schedule workflows would then be: to upgrade to Alteryx server which would be pricing most if not all smaller businesses out of the market for alteryx.


What is the official position on discontinuing this product functionality?



C. Duncan

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @WillM


thanks for this great opportunity!

I have a question posted in the French Community from @carlosteixeira : "In a scenario of globalisation, how does Alteryx see the European market as a whole?

We know that the Alteryx platform is developing a lot here, what are Alteryx's projects for the French region and also for the European community, for example Portugal, Spain, Italy?"


Thank you very much and have a great day!

Steph Vitale-Havreng
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Do you see the current trend of piecing out products (from a pricing standpoint) continuing?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @WillM


I have a question posted in the German Community from @grossal:


1) Tableau and many others are currently holding their planned conferences online. Is Alteryx also planning a virtual Inspire/Analyticon?

2) What's next? After statistical, geographic and predictive analytics - what's the next big analytics topic?


Thanks again, this is a great opportunity to ask @dstoecker questions directly. 

Steph Vitale-Havreng
5 - Atom

Can we also get some updates about job opportunity for Data Analytics?

7 - Meteor

Especially opportunities for Analytics using Alteryx.