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College Students Discover the Power of Data Analytics


IMPACT STORY: By the time students complete his Business Analytics course, Kai Larsen, associate professor of Information Systems, Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado Boulder (UCB), wants them to be prepared for a lifetime of exploring real-world questions. One of those cutting-edge tools is Alteryx Designer, which Larsen has used in his Business Analytics curriculum since 2015. He covers all aspects of core building blocks, which students then apply in aggregating and evaluating multiple layers of data to solve various business challenges throughout the semester. Since spring 2020, Larsen also has assigned his students to take the Alteryx Designer Core Certification exam as further validation of their   skills. More than 100 of them have passed this online test. Read the impact story: https://www.alteryx.com/input/university-of-colorado-students-discover-the-power-of-data-analytics