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11 - Bolide


I'm just want to see if I am missing anything.

We are a small company with 4 desktop users. We are looking into to automating some of our workflows.

And as I understand it, the desktop automation software is beeing discontinued. And the server is far out our price range.

Isnt there an alternative to the desktop automation? or any other way to obtion this?

kind regards


16 - Nebula

Hey @Hamder83,

I cant find anything to say Alteryx desktop automation has been discontinued. Judging by this thread its still available: (3) Is desktop automation for designer being discontin... - Alteryx Community

11 - Bolide

Hi @IraWatt , a colleague of mine recently spoke to a sales representative saying this. We could have a licence for a year, potentially two. But that would force us into a server solution after 1-2 years. And as i said we are a small company so spending 80.000 dollars is way out of our budget, and needs as well :\