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Any Ottawa-based Alteryx users?

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Hey, so we're considering adopting Alteryx to solve some of our etl challenges. If you're located in Ottawa, Canada and willing to spill some deets on your experiences, it would be great if i could buy you a coffee. 


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Hi @stephs!


Thank you for posting to the welcome board! While it doesn't look like we have an Ottawa User Group at the moment, I would encourage you to reach out to either the Montreal or Toronto User Group's by posting a message in the corresponding discussion area.


In the meantime, is there a specific use case you're looking to resolve? I'd be happy to point you towards customers and/or additional resources that can help you uncover the in's and out's of the Alteryx platform :-)

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Hi @stephs,

I'll be glad to help if there is any use case you'd need help with the Alteryx tool. Our companie is an Alteryx integrator for the Quebec and Ontario region. Feel free to contact me by mail if you have questions or any need on professionnal resources.


May I ask what is your use case?


Best regards,


Guillaume Poitras


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As you see we have, for the moment, a small community in the Ottawa region. But the momentum is building up! We have ­a lot of customers in the New York region that I could facilitate the connection with if you'd like. Reach out to me if I can help.
Have a wonderful day.


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Hi, no specific use case, just doing a bit of a census to gauge the Alteryx presence here in Ottawa. As we go through our evaluation it would be nice to hear war stories f2f on neutral ground. Have to say though, i do like what i see so far. 


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Bit of a thread necro, but I am curious myself about Ottawa-based Alteryx users.

I first used Alteryx way back in 2010, and have had a number of opportunities to use in as a freelance consultant over the past 9 years.

I'm always thrilled to get to use it, repeatable workflows make small tweaks so easy. And it is great in combination with Tableau.


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I am late to join Alteryx. But this year, our company has 7 employees to join Inspire 2019. We are located in Gatineau and we have a internal Alteryx work group and meet weekly.

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Hey @jKitz and @Williamcai, Montreal has a user group that meets every quarter that you could be interested in. Meetings are held in both French and English so it could be worth your while. We haven't announced the Q3 date but that should be coming soon right after the summer holidays - details are on the Montreal User Group page.




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17 - Castor

@danilang is one of the Top Contributors of the Alteryx Community and he is from Ottawa!



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As you see we've got, for the instant, a small community within the Ottawa area. But the momentum is constructing up! We have ­a whole lot of clients inside the New York place or any other blog where you can get the info or reviews of coffee nespresso machine I could facilitate the connection with in case you'd like. Reach out to me if I can help.