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Announcing a NEW Certification Opportunity: Alteryx Predictive Master

We are excited to announce a new certification: the Predictive Master Certification! This certification gives you the opportunity to validate your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of data science-related topics, including data preparation and investigation; predictive model training and evaluation; and interpretation and evaluation of results.


The best way to prepare for the Predictive Master Exam is to practice! There are several resources available in the Academy to provide you with opportunities to review data science concepts and get some hands-on practice with the predictive tools. The Data Science Learning Path is a great place to start. With the content in this course, you can learn and review many of the topics covered on the exam and identify areas where you may need more preparation. After you complete this course, solve some of the related data science-focused Weekly Challenges and other similar tutorials. Finally, check out the Predictive Master Exam Prep Guide. It defines which topics you will encounter on the exam and can serve as a checklist for you as you prepare.


To learn more about the exam platform and how to register, download the Predictive Master Exam User & Registration Guide. Remember, you need to be Advanced Certified to take the Predictive Master Exam. If you have any questions about certification, please email the Certification Team at

12 - Quasar

Wow! Thanks for the effort Alteryx team!

12 - Quasar

Very cool... @TheOC