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Alteryx License for use on 2nd device?

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My company bought an alteryx license for me, so I am fully licensed. However, I am home this weekend working like mad on a Saturday night. I am on my laptop. I have used the alteryx trial on my laptop (which is now expired) and assumed I could plug in my license for use on a 2nd device, which is how Tableau works. Does not seem like that is the case. Can anyone confirm?


My remote desktop is erroring out and I am very bummed that I might have to get on a 2 hour train to manhattan at 9pm on a saturday night to get to my office 😞



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@IreneSchmidt ,


 please speak with your account executive slash manager slash salesperson. They can possibly give you an at home license. 




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From my experience with Alteryx, I believe your license is logged per user per pc... We had a situation when my pc broke down at work and I could not use someone elses due to the license limitation. Granted this was in 2017





Hello @IreneSchmidt 
Licenses are based on a 1 user/ 1 machine basis as each license key is unique to a single activation. Licenses can be moved between machines, but doing so would unlicense the original machine until you reactivate the license key on that machine. 

I would recommend following up with your License Admin within your company to see if any additional seats are available for you.


If you have further questions, you can also reach out to our licensing team at



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