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Add certification to resume/LinkedIn

6 - Meteoroid

Hi there, 


I have passed my Alteryx designer core certification. Now I want to add it to my resume and also on LinkedIn.


Is there a way that my recruiter can validate my certification using an url or any certificate Is?







19 - Altair

Hi @Jarviz 


Congrats on your certification 🙂 


Your certification badge present in Alteryx Community profile page is how recruiter can verify your certification.


Hope this helps 🙂

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks @atcodedog05. I expected that there should be some uniform format of displaying the certification details and without showing other contents such as discussions threads etc. 


Anyways I appreciate your comments ☺️.

13 - Pulsar

@Jarviz  based on this thread they are looking into adding it to Acclaim or some other similar website. 


On my LinkedIn I have the certificate linked to the credential. When it asks you if you'd like to put a link when you add it, you can use the one from the email you received and it will work. The link looks something like