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Educators: How Have You Integrated Alteryx Into Your Curriculum?

7 - Meteor

Wow -- 66% that's amazing!

7 - Meteor

Hi April, 


You are a total data analytics rock star! 



7 - Meteor

Thanks Kai et al., 

I joined Kai's wonderful "belts" model with Alteryx's designer cheat sheet: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Community-Resources/Designer-Cheat-Sheet/ta-p/371793. Result (attached) shows Kai's wonderful curriculum structure joined with the actions from the designer cheat sheet. There were also some tools in each source that didn't appear in the other (so this included a bit of fuzzy joins and renaming and restructuring). 


Dan Stone  

9 - Comet

This is great, Dan! Good job. I plan to use the first column you added about the tasks each tool is used for in my creation of problem sets. Good way to ensure content validity.


I will share that I do not cover the AutoField tool in my class exactly because datatypes are so hard for some of my students to learn, and this tool allows them to avoid the topic until it hits them in the face (hard) later on, when this tool does not do a good job and they do not understand data types. That said, I consider it a valuable tool, so like that you cover it.


Kai 🙂