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Education Conversation Series #1: Strengthening the Connection Between Academia & Industry


Hello everyone! Thank you to those of you who attended our first of what we are hoping to be an ongoing series of discussions around Education: Strengthening the Connection Between Academia & Industry.


Here is a link to the recording – we’d love for you pass it along if you know anyone who could benefit from it.  



As we mentioned in the conversation, we have been hearing from educators across the globe about how Alteryx has transformed their curriculum; and we’re so excited to continue building out programmatic resources to help support the upskilling of students in K-12 through Higher Ed and beyond.  


To help us as we continue to build our programs, we’d love to know your biggest takeaways from the conversation. Are you planning on incorporating Alteryx in your curriculum? How would you like to network with other educators who are using Alteryx already? Do you have suggestions for future conversations/webinars or topics you’d like to see take place?


A HUGE thank you to our awesome panelists:@ccheng3@Present_guy@apmorris !!!!


Again, thank you for supporting us as we continue to best meet the needs of students and educators around the world wanting to solve with Alteryx!



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What a great session yesterday! Thank you again for allowing me to be a panelist and again Kudos to you and Libby for setting up such an important conversation. 


I wanted to follow-up with a few of the requests that were made in chat yesterday about my Alteryx cases that are being published for distribution and use and my YouTube Channel which has short 5 - 10 minute videos that pair with each of the cases. I want to say, that while I use these cases in my tax classes, because the data analytics skills are comparable across so many fields for entry level professionals, the critical thinking component portions of the cases can be easily adapted to fit most educators' needs. 


The first of these cases is titled "A Case Study of Effective Tax Rates" and is available Online early at Issues in Accounting Education at https://meridian.allenpress.com/iae/publish-ahead-of-print.


In this case we teach students how to use Alteryx for predictive analytics (linear regression analysis) and have them learn how to go through the Extract and Transform process of data cleansing using Excel, though it is easy to convert the instructions to Alteryx.


If anyone is having trouble getting access, please email myself @ ccheng3@olemiss.edu, or either of my co-authors Pradeep Sapkota @ pradeep.sapkota@unt.edu or Amy J.N. Yurko @ yurkoa@duq.edu. 


The second of these cases is titled "Using Data Analytics to Evaluate Polilcy Implications of Migration Patterns: Application for Analytics, AIS, and Tax Classes" isn't quite out there yet on the Online early at Issues in Accounting Education, but it should be out there soon (next week or two).


In this case, my co-author, Anu Varadharajan, and I teach students how to complete an Extract, Transform, and Load process using Alteryx that entry level staff across all industries use every day. It covers the top 10 most commonly used tools and some extras to make sure that students get a great idea of what Alteryx can do to get them to the decision making part much faster. If you do this case study first, then you can have students completed the data cleaning for the ETR case using Alteryx as a reinforcement before teaching them how to do predictive analytics using Alteryx. Also, if you want to allow students to research migration patterns in and out of counties, the data set we use in this case has county level data. 


If anyone needs it earlier than that, just email me @ccheng3@olemiss.edu. 


Finally, my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/30ccheng/playlists?view_as=subscriber has short (5-10 minute) instructional videos that pair with all of the cases since this delivery method not only matches how students consume information, but more importantly, moved my most reluctant learners from letting someone else in the group figure this out, to being comfortable to try. This is because they can watch videos one one screen or a second device (tablet, phone, second laptop or computer) and mimic the steps required in real time. Additionally, they know they can rewatch the videos as many times as they need, so they don't spend all of their time writing down, in their own words, how to complete the steps. Finally, this structure of short videos helps the more advanced students too, since they can skip to watching just the videos they need for a refersher or for learning a particular skill, much like the great videos you have on your sight. 


For the ETR case, the relevant playlists would be the ETR Project Playlist and the Saving Alteryx Workflow. Amy's media site 

https://edtech.msl.duq.edu/Mediasite/Channel/etr has the videos for the Excel instructions.


For the Migration Pattern case, the relevant playlists are: Part I - Extract the Data, Part II - Transform the State Level Data Using Alteryx, Part II - State Level Data Visualization Using Tableau; Part IV - Description of Gross Migration File; Part V - Transform the Gross Migration File Using Alteryx; and Part VI - Gross Migration Data Visualization Using Tableau. Note, with the new Spatial and visualization tools in Alteryx, students could create the visualizations entirely in Alteryx. 


If you go to my channel, you will see several other playlists. These are for other cases I am creating with co-authors. The Popping Bots playlists teach students how to use Robotics Process Automation (Using Automation Anywhere's A2019), and the Detecting Insurance Claim Fraud case uses Alteryx. But like all of the cases I have been developing, they are tool agnostic, since it would be easy to have students do the ETL process using Alteryx, A2019, etc.). I don't ask people to like or subscribe since this was just a resource I created to help those educators and students who want to use these types of cases in their classes. Having said that, people do subscribe because, as you can tell from here, this is where you get a preview of what I am doing next!


Thanks again for everything!




Christine Cheng

Assistant Professor of Accountancy

Patterson School of Accountancy

University of Mississippi



@ccheng3 This is AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing your resources - I know they'll be so helpful to those who were able to attend the session - and even those who could not.


Does anyone else have resources to share or thoughts to add?

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The EY Academic Resource Center (EYARC) also provides many free materials for teaching data analytics. There are cases related to Alteryx, RPA, Tableau, etc. Each case comes with a dataset, case materials, solution manual, and often video solutions. The cases can be modified and adjusted to fit what you are teaching in class (just please keep the EYARC branding on the materials). We are continously updating the materials...I'm writing a couple more Alteryx cases right now. Also, I would love feedback on what you would like to see for future cases. To access the content, you must send an email to Catherine Banks <catherine.banks@ey.com>. The materials are behind a login to protect solutions from student eyes. 


As a second resource, I'm a coauthor on a textbook for teaching AIS. We recently added three new chapters on data analytics. The textbook materials also have resources for many data analytic problems and we will be adding more. See https://exchange.pearson.com/products/04618065-c96f-481d-ab4f-0334c1af4ed8/revel-accounting-informat... for full information about the book. 


Happy to discuss more about any of this. Data analytics in accounting is a passion!


Thanks so much, @daw44 ! These are going to be incredibly helpful to other educators moving forward!

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Bookmarked this conversation to access the content on personal device. 


We as part of the Bangalore Chapter of @AlteryxForGood have done some implementation of Alteryx for schools . To know more - AFG@ SKCT,Bangalore ,Excellence Award 2019 ,Excellence Award 2018 .


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