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AFG Education Spotlight Series – Academics, Analytics and the data worker of the future

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We’re intrigued how the connection between academics, analytics and the data worker of the future can impact the academic journey, classroom curriculum and the enterprise. 


On October 15th, Alteryx for Good hosted our second Education panel highlighting “Academics, Analytics and the data worker of the future”, with a leader in higher education, Kai Larsen- University of Colorado, Boulder, two university students, Anna Bergstrom- University of Colorado, Boulder and Daniel Nystrom, University of California, Irvine and Jason Philips, VP of Analytics and Reporting at J.P. Morgan Chase. Facilitated by Alteryx founder and Chief Customer Officer, Libby Duane Adams


AFG Spotlight Education Recorded Session 


Our panelists plan to discuss how students, educators and companies are preparing for the data worker of the future.  How leaning on data science and analytics is the new workforce development across the enterprise. 


By providing students across subject areas with a solid foundation of core concepts and competencies in data science and analytics, academic institutions can help pave the way for a more diverse workforce and ensure that learners are ready to help solve some of the industry’s biggest data challenges.


Whether it’s customer analytics, finance, operations, sales, marketing, higher education and government agencies, or understanding people data in HR, the breadth of knowledge needed across an organization cannot be handled by trained data scientists alone.



Jump in and let’s continue the discussion…  What's your perspective?


  • What do you see for analytics skills as a career path for the students?


  • What resources are you leveraging to use to bring Alteryx into the classroom that help build analytics thinking and skills – for either academia or industry?


  • What was the pivotal moment when you realized you needed or wanted to become data ready and analytically minded?


  • What was your biggest insight by learning Alteryx, how has it shifted your creative problem-solving skills?


  • Where are analytics and data science skills most needed in a company and where are you seeing the business impact to hiring these skills across the enterprise? 
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello everyone!

Quick follow up from today's panel discussion! We wanted to share @KaiLarsen's curriculum examples.  He was so kind to post in an earlier thread... here it is! 





Also, a BIG thank you to our panelists @abanana @DNystrom @KaiLarsen @ephij and our amazing moderator @LDuane  for a rich dialogue demonstrating how it's possible to connect academia and industry for the future data worker.  We will share the session recording for those who were unable to join us today. 


Is there something else you'd like to know from our panelists today? Chime in and tag them in the discussion below!



9 - Comet

Thanks @ToriA.. I had fun. Always great to discuss self-service analytics. Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

5 - Atom

Thanks to everyone who attended the event! It was such a pleasure getting to share insights into the ever-growing field of analytics. With such a fast-growing field, sometimes it can feel overwhelming getting started. But, as many of the panelists said so well, taking advantage of the data community and bountiful (free!) resources out there is very helpful. What was your key take away?