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Iterative Data Input - Read a folder one by one


Hi everyone, 


after reading all the intresting comments on batch macros, Crew Wildcard and so on. Im looking for solution to read files (xlsx) one by one and hand them them over to my alteryx solution. All files have a diffrent style/schema but I can categorize them into 3 groups, I cant do this beforehand. I really appreciate it if any can tell whether it is even possible. 


Thx in advance 



Hi @MaxFaulhaber,


How does your output would look like? That can help me to give you a better answer on how to solve this. 


In the mean time, have you seen this incredible macro from the gallery?!app/Read_All_Excel_Files/58dd51b3a18e9e18fca64172


Community Post:


In general, when the structure of your files change, you can change the output mode of your macro.

Go to: View > Interface Designer > Properties : Select any of the Auto configurations either by Name or Position (according to your case)























Let me know if that helps,



Hi @


thanks for your help, this wont solve my problem. I really need something that iterates one by (all files are in a different layout) I will do the rest by dynamic renaming and so on.


As a pseudo code I think of something like:


for each file in folder

next file

Any idea? 




Best M


hi @MaxFaulhaber,


The definition of a macro is to repeat a process (iterate)


So you create a workflow that reads a file a perform something = do something with (file) -> this will be your macro


Create another workflow that passes in rows all the files that have to be read to the macro.


If you want I can help you to build the macro, so please add 2 files that you want to read and also it would be helpful that you describe more what do you want to see on the output.