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Cognitive Services Text Translation


Hello everybody,


this is my first post in this forum so I hope i am doing everything right and not violating any rules that exist.


Sooo im trying to translate Comments from roughly every language i know into English with the Help of the Azure Translation Macro.


I also created a Microsoft Account to get 2 Api Keys for the tool, but every time i try to run it through i get the Error "Bad API call - check API Key", even though i got 170 Euro to spend through the test Account. 

I hope someone can help me. Links below are from the Macro. Is there maybe a newer Version of the Macro and my Version is referencing to a old link? Thanks in advice


Because i don't know whether the Problem is from the Macro itself or from Microsoft, i created tickets in both plattforms to investigate further.!app/Cognitive-Services-Text-Translation/59cb8b44a18e9e08dc89b696




I tested the Api with the Application Postman, so does anybody know whats up with the macro?


Hi Dave,


have you asked directly to the macro developer? The developer is Peter Gamble-Beresford



I had a look into the macro and it looks that the API call was build using the version V2, which now is deprecated  


which means that the macro has to be changed with the new API (V3)





Hay Vianney,


thank you very much for your respone :)


Figured that last week out too! haha Already contacted the developer last week but didn't get a response until now. 


Guess i'll just wait couple days else im just trying to update it myself haha.


Have a nice Wednesday

Greetings from Germany





Hi @Dave24321 


Did you get any answer from the developer that you can share with the community?


Thank you