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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.

With the upcoming Tableau Conference 2015, October 19th – 23rd, the team has been working on preparing the Visual Analytics Kit for Tableau for release to conference attendees.  I recently joined the team and have a strong background developing with Tableau, having passed the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional exam earlier this year, so was tasked with assisting this effort. 


The Visual Analytics Kit for Tableau contains macros designed to allow Alteryx Designer users the ability to seamlessly prepare and analyze data for presentation within Tableau.  Also contained, are over a dozen samples showcasing different use cases for these macros.  Two macros contained in the kit that will prove invaluable to Tableau users are the ability to output directly to a Tableau Workbook using the Output Tableau Workbook macro and the Polygon for Tableau macro, which allows you to create custom polygons for mapping within Tableau.



Output Tableau Workbook                                                 Polygon for Tableau 


Stop by the Alteryx Booth at the Tableau Conference to pick up your copy of the Visual Analytics Kit for Tableau.


I’ll be a regular contributor to this blog so please post in the comments anything you’d like to see from me or the rest of the team.