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Publish to Tableau Gallery Connector - Update

Just load and go - publish a Tableau hyper data source

With Alteryx just releasing Designer 2018.2 (starting with Designer 2018.1, you can use Tableau hyper files), we updated the Publish to Tableau Server connector with a new gooey and the ability to lock and load metainfo. That's right, go full multiplayer and add in that intricate, multiplexed TDS file. And don't worry, we still support the old version of the tool.


Not even Einstein could keep track of all of these versions!

Um...Einstein probably could. It's only three versions. When you check out the Publish to Tableau Server Tool  you will see not one, not two, but three versions. For those who must know everything, simply everything, here is the lowdown:


Tool versions by capability:


Tableau Server or Tableau Online

Alteryx Designer

Publish to Tableau Server Tool

Publish an Alteryx data stream as Tableau TDE file

Tableau Server 9.01-10.4

Alteryx 10.5+


Publish an Alteryx data stream as Tableau Hyper or TDE file

Tableau Server 10.5+

Alteryx 2018.1+


Publish an Alteryx data stream as Tableau Hyper or TDE file with option to include metainfo (TDS file)

Tableau Server 10.5+

Alteryx 2018.2+


Save a connection / Use a saved connection

Tableau Server 10.5+

Alteryx 2018.2+

V1.09 / V2.00

What if I don’t update the tool?

Then you probably won't ever see the Great Wall of China from space. Or maybe you will. You never know until you try. So, if you want to publish TDS files (those files that contain all your secrets and other metainfo about your Hyper file) then you need to get version 2.0.0 of the tool (ya also need Alteryx Designer 2018.2). Not planning a space mission or planning to share secret info? Then you don't need the update.

What if I don’t update my Tableau server?

You can still be super disruptive by updating to Designer 2018.2 while using Tableau Server 9.01-10.3. You will want to use version 1.08.1 of the tool - the one that's compatible with Tableau Server 9.01-10.3.


What if I don’t update Designer?

You don't like milk and cookies. I can tell. That's okay, I am scared of Santa and as long as the milk and cookies stay away, I know Santa will too. You can use an older version of Designer and keep using version 1.08.1 or 1.09 of the tool. But you would not be able to publish metainfo.


What if I use Tableau Online?

Easy peasy! Tableau Online is compatible with all versions of the tool!


How do I get the new version?

Go to the Publish to Tableau Server Tool, then just Download the Tool! To publish Hyper files, just pick v2.0.0 and you're ready to launch!

Grab a copy of Alteryx 2018.2, too. You'll need it to use this all new connector. You can always download Alteryx from the Alteryx Downloads & Licenses portal at licenses.alteryx.com.


What else do I need to know?

When you include a TDS file, you'll need to edit it in a file editor. Something like Notepad++. That's because the connector has its own mind and likes to do things its own way. I know, I know, Alteryx isn't normal! Neither was Sophocles. You'll need to make one more change to the TDS file if your Tableau Server version is not the same as the Tableau Desktop version you used to create the TDS file. The example below shows how to edit the dbname path to Data/Extracts and how to edit the Tableau Server version (if necessary):

TDS File Example Edited.png




Now stop overthinking it and go do something Unexpected!



Tara Charter
Alteryx Technical Writer

7 - Meteor

Thank you for your post. I did the updates you have mentioned above. 


Alteryx Admin Designer - version 2018.3.4.51585

Tableau Publish to server tool - PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi


When I open the Publish to Tableau Server tool it seem to be missing the Output Tab section. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Attached is the screen shot of what I am seeing. 


Thank you in advance

Publish To Tableau Server Tool v2.0.png

7 - Meteor

@iyoob, you need to fill in the details and hit connect, once you do that you will go to the next screen and it will give you what the output tab in the past did.



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any update to the 2018.4?

7 - Meteor

Recently upgraded to Alteryx 2018.4 and Publish Tool 2.0, and now we have intermittent errors with the output, its the Rest API 400011 error.  Tableau Server has not changed, still on 10.5.


Everything worked great with Alteryx 11.7 and Publish tool 1.08, now we have error 50% of the time which makes the Publish tool useless, pretty frustrating.


Any suggestions?  Since our Tableau Server has not changed and everything was working in Alteryx 11.7, this seems like it's on the Alteryx/Publish tool side, not Tableau?

9 - Comet

A couple of notes on this to clarify (I'd read through this post and others and had to run a number of varieties of configuration before I got it to work):


- The editing of the .tds always requires editing the dbname element to point to an extract file (.hyper or .tde) that doesn't actually exist in your hard drive.

- The dbname element in the .tds needs to be "Data/Extracts/[Data source name that you configured the Publish tool with].[Data source format that you configured the Publish tool with]", where any spaces in the data source name are replaced by underscores. So dbname="C:/My Awesome Workbook/My Awesome Data Source/My Data.hyper" where the published data source will be "My Awesome Data Source" and were using .hyper turns into needs to turn into dbname="Data/Extracts/My_Awesome_Data_Source.hyper".


If you're in a state with your project where you are creating changes to the .tds file then you'll need to re-edit the .tds file with the dbname & potentially version changes every time you save the data source prior to running the Alteryx workflow to publish.


If I could request future changes to this macro it would be to a) handle spaces/underscores properly, b) actually avoid the need to edit the dbname element at all (a regex should work for that), and c) check the Tableau Server version and avoid the need to edit the version element.




5 - Atom

Hi All, 


  • When using the PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi tool I am experiencing an inconsistent problem, sometimes I get the error "Error Code 401002: Unauthorized Access - - Invalid authentication credentials," sometimes I do not. 
  • When using the PublishToTableauServer_v1.09.2.yxi tool the workflow runs perfectly every time on my desktop but will not load to the server because "Can not find macro," when I try to add the macro I get an error when adding to the gallery that "the entry point is invalid."

Versions and Screenshots are below, does anyone know of a solution?



Tableau: Tableau 2018.1 

Alteryx: Alteryx Designer 2018.3 x64

Tool: PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi

Publish to Tableau Server tool:




  • PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0.yxi
    • Alteryx Desktop Error: Image 1
      • Asana 1.png
    • Alteryx Server Error: Image 2
      • Asana 2.png
    • Alteryx Server Schedule Errors & Successes: Image 3
      • Asana 3.png
  • PublishToTableauServer_v1.09.2
    • Alteryx Desktop Save to Gallery Error macro not added when uploading: 
      • Asana V1.09.2 1.PNG
    • Running on Server Error: 
      • Asana V1.09.2 2.PNG
    • Alteryx Desktop Save to Gallery Error with macro added at upload:
      • Asana 4.png

 Thank you!