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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-to's.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Note: Sorry about the technical difficulties with my earlier posting attempt.


I was asked by a client to create a module to generate a map for each of their trade areas which are made up of Zip Codes. The client wanted to show all Zip Codes and highlight those Zips that make up the trade areas.



I was able to accomplish this easily using a little used feature of the Map tool. For each map generated by the Map tool, a spatial object named "BoundingRect" is also outputted. This polygon represents the extent of the corresponding map.


Using the Spatial Process tool we can "cut" the market polygons from their corresponding bounding rectangles, leaving us with an "overlay" per market.



We can then simply lay the overlay on top of our themed Zips and set the overlay's opacity to say 50% or so.



There are other ways to achieve the same or similar results; however this method is far simpler.


The final module, sample data and results can be downloaded here.