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Engine Works Blog

Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-to's.

So Alteryx 4.1 is just about to ship and it is the best release yet. I'd like to interrupt this blog to thank the people that made it happen.


Once again Tara has been awesome in keeping us all focused on the goal in addition to writing amazing documentation and all the other many things she does to make Alteryx happen. Thank you Tara.


Josh really put together an amazing new browse tool & continued to refine the reporting tools. Thank you Josh.


Among many other things, Kurt figured out how to support Unicode in PDF - no small feat. I think I would have cried before figuring that one out. Thank you Kurt.


In addition to further refining the spatial tools, Rob created some amazing performance improvements in Guzzler - especially in 64 bit. I'm sure he'll blog about it soon. Thank you Rob.


And our newest member of the core development team: Linda. In addition to working on lots of support for various databases, she has been invaluable in getting the release out. She has really taken our regression testing to the next level. I'm not sure any of us have enjoyed hearing from her in the mornings after a failed nightly build/regression test, but it sure has made for a better product. Thank you Linda.


Finally I'd like to thank all the people inside and outside of SRC that have been invaluable help in testing and pushing new ideas. Amy, Cat, Bill, Dan, Jim, Maureen, Evan, Carlos, Gavin, Steve P. and many many more. Thank you.