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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-to's.

If a watched pot never boils then a camped-on module surely takes its time to complete. Or at least it feels that way as I stare at my monitor, watching each tool complete, sliding the overview pane to the appropriate spot. Rinse and repeat.


Usually though, I have good reason for watching the module to finish - I need to know as soon as it's complete so that I can deliver data to a customer. Rather than camping on a module and not doing anything else, or popping back to that window incessantly, or setting a calendar reminder to go check the module, I've started using module events to send an email when the module is complete.


The "Events" tab in the module's properties window allows the user to add an email or run command event at four different times: before run, after run, after run with errors and after run without errors.


Aside from my watched pot scenario, routine processing can utilize these events. Different groups can be notified about module completion as it pertains to them. Your BI folks, they only want to know when the data is available for their slice & dice - set an event to email the group after run with no errors. The keeper of the module, the person that's responsible for feeding and watering can have events about completion and another for a run with errors. High availability data and modules could page the caretakers with errors. No more walking in on Monday morning wondering what happened and spending all morning trying to recreate a weekend's worth of processing.


The subject line is editable, allowing even more granular handling of the message by your email program (the combination of an email event and rules in Outlook could provide an automated watch dog for your processing that would leave you with a paper trail).


The body of the email is also editable. Sadly, you cannot attach a document ... yet.