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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-tos.

Have you ever gotten someone's module and had to change each and every input and output path because they were set to a different directory than you have them in? Have you wanted to see what files you may be missing from a module that someone has given you before you run it? Maybe you are proactive and want to make sure your paths are relative to your Alteryx module so you can send it to someone. Maybe you have a alpha release of your database and you are ready to set it to a beta database. Well now there is a solution with Module Dependencies.


With this new 5.0 feature you will be able to see each tool that contains an input, an output, a dataset, or a macro. You will be able to edit each tool individually or group them by common Path, Connection and Dataset. You will be able to set all paths to relative or absolute. There is also functionality to test the paths and connections to make sure they exist.



Once you group them together you can see the commonality of the paths to make sure everything is the way you want them. You can change 57 Alteryx inputs with 1 quick edit if you choose.



Hopefully this will give you the power to change module paths, connections and datasets quickly and easily.